Congrats To Mr & Mrs Focho! Atte & Njweng Tie The Knot


Weddings always get me teary-eyed. Especially if it’s the wedding of someone you’ve known for a long time. This dearest friend of mine had the most resplendent white wedding on the 27th of December 2014 in Bamenda, Cameroon. All I could mutter for a long time was AWWWWWWW because they look so in love and happy and I can only wish them a happy marriage and lots and lots of beautiful offspring. I tapped Njweng for the wedding gist and this is what she had to say:


Ats n I… Our story is a constant reminder, that once we align ourselves with Gods plans for us, everything else falls in place.

Love has more meaning… it’s been four years since I knew Atte as a friend, 2 years since I fell in love with him and I’m still falling in love daily.☺☺
It all started as a joke… I was in Douala. Roaming the streets job hunting and minding my business. My friend Demestris Agiachi was idling in Buea, too. She’d drop by every now and then and we’ll lazy around in my tiny room and do the silliest things. She’d been trying to hook me a up with a couple of her “not so serious” cousins :/ Truth was all I wanted was a job. The rest could come in any order. So she mentions she has this cousin in Germany… bla bla bla. Lol. My sister Anjoh and I jump right on Facebook to check him out as girls do. He was cute all right… but a job was still my number one prayer request.

Given that I paid very little attention to what came next. That was December 2010. The calls then came in. Not really often. He sounded nice… honestly I wasn’t seeing husband in him. Talk less of packing my bags to relocate. Worst still to Germany. Lorddd! ????. Long story short we went around in circles for 2 years claiming to be occupied else where. In all those two years I always checked up on him. We’d go for months with no communication. Then there’d be this yearning in my heart to know that he was doing okay. Now I believe that love indeed is an episode when all the romance and butterflies are taken away,  and you realize you deeply care about the person…


27th December 2014, we celebrated our 1st anniversary as man n wife and renewed our vows before God,our family and friends. I searched within me for words to give my thanksgiving and it dawned on me God not only gave me a husband. He gave me a brother, a mentor, and even a sister when he gracefully lends his head so I can trim my wigs. Lol! It’s been an amazing journey although it’s only just the beginning. The best is yet to come.

For the wedding party… I chose my two best happy colours. Yellow and fuchsia. You can never go wrong with both. They make a stunning blend. I went with black background against all the talk of, “ohh black is not a god colour, black has done this, black and the history of the broken calabash…” I’m like reallllly???!! ???.

Anything on black stands out more. Well you can see for yourselves?


DSC_1921 DSC_1923  10922562_10153065003656528_79999524063822507_n 10413342_10153065003026528_5413035929787499728_n

10425852_10153065002386528_8476599289085252244_n   10929226_10153065003241528_4867921069121419478_n 10336619_10153065003421528_1595412049886023155_n



10390461_10153065001896528_106576966936830444_n 10488112_10152702811093375_4521238095559748558_n 10917106_10153065003146528_1335491810551112929_n 10915229_10153065001951528_4707159413634316916_n

IMG_27657073122237 IMG_12529332479462 IMG_45116149255691 e8159bf1a0482625fcc3d341703f045f7816b6a8

Makeup by Patience Ajija Nganda (Paige Flawless Makeover Centre Bamenda)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and pictures with us Mrs Njweng Fonane Focho!!

Looking forward to more bridal stories this 2015 😉

Email me at if you’d like to share with us.



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