Choosing The Best Flowers For The Occasion

Flowers have been given as gifts for centuries and represent a powerful symbol of love and celebration. Also possessing many herbal and medicinal properties, plants and flowers play a big role in our life.

As you know, many flowers have different meanings and can be used for different purposes. So if a big occasion is coming up for your loved ones and you are unsure of which flowers to buy, let this article point you in the right direction, so that you will know which flower suits a certain occasion or celebration.

Flowers continue to carry much importance and value in our day to day life and if you are stuck for places to buy them from, there’s always a same day flower delivery in Bangkok or anywhere else in the world that you can rely on so that the flowers can reach your loved one just in time for their special occasion.

How To Get Flowers Right For Different Occasions

There can be countless reasons to buy someone flowers, from baby showers and graduations to weddings and Valentine’s Day. Flower bouquets have always brought smiles and feel-good vibes to the receiver. Here are some of our hand-picked favourite flowers and what occasions they are perfect for below:

  • Calla Lily – Lilies are very regal and magnificent flowers that come in a range of shades and each one carrying their own meaning. For example, pink can represent appreciation and admiration so are wonderful for Valentine’s Day whereas calla lilies are best for funeral arrangements. Purple and yellow shades are also good for anniversaries, weddings and baby showers as they symbolise a range of positive associations such as passion, charm, gratitude and happiness.
  • Carnations – These are often given on Mother’s Day and are always wonderful for a woman’s birthday or special event in her life. Dark red carnations demonstrate deep lover and a woman’s affection, while white ones are great for love and work well for graduation ceremonies.
  • Daisy – These are great for baby showers as they represent new starts or beginnings. This also makes them a wonderful housewarming gift, as they bring love, innocence and cheerfulness into any celebration.
  • Gardenias – These are classically romantic and help to express joy, so if you have an anniversary or Valentine’s Day is coming up, definitely consider this beautiful flower.
  • Lily – If you are thinking about adding lilies to a bouquet, they are beautiful for bridal bouquets as they represent virginity and chasteness.
  • Orchids – These exotic flowers give a sense of elegance and beauty. They are longer lasting and make wonderful gifts for pretty much any occasion. You will find they are commonly given for anniversary (especially the 14th) and symbolise affection.

As you can see, there are so many flowers and occasions to gift them to loved ones. Hopefully, this article has given you a little clarity to direct you with a little more confidence.

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Choosing The Best Flowers For The Occasion

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