OOTD: Chilling in Chester

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Was going to title this blog ‘A Day at the Chester Zoo’ but that hasn’t got the alliteration to it, has it. I take every chance I get at a little word rhyme. Anyhoo, we had a little mid-week break and went away to Chester for a couple days. It was our first time there and I must say I was very VERY impressed. You know what, when you’re constantly in the hustle and bustle of the city centre you do get to forget how beautiful and serene the countryside is. The hotel we stayed in had the most beautiful grounds. We especially wanted to stop by the Chester Zoo as Leslie (now 2 and a half) has been showing a lot (A LOT) of interest lately in animals. I mean he is excited by every little spider or ant that he spots crawling around the kitchen or bathroom. The visit to the zoo was amazing. Leslie surprisingly wasn’t too fussed about most of the animals LMAO. His favourite animal was the lion. He also adored the dinosaur den which was a very exciting bit of lifesize dinosaurs, birds and reptiles with very impressive sound effects. They looked every bit real and scary but he was loving it!

He also wanted to spend most of his time on the slides… sigh.

My favourites bits were the flamingoes, giraffes and zebras. How are they so stunning?! I’m always in awe whenever I see a flamingo, a giraffe or zebra. Such natural beauties. Darmmit.

It was such a hot day and the zoo is quite massive so there was lots of walking involved. Luckily, I had a hyperhidrosis treatment with Dr Danji at KHD Aesthetics just over a month ago which has been such a lifesaver in this heat! Not a hint of sweat I tell you. I would highly recommend it if you’re one of those people who hates having sweat patches or worrying about sweating at all. It basically is getting botox injected in your underarms and it completely stops your underarm sweat glands from producing sweat. It’s pain-free. My only regret is, I wish I’d had it sooner. Highly recommended.

I wore my latest favourite shirt as a dress and boy did I look stylish, if I can say so myself LMAO. The best outfits are the simplest am I right? I had so many people asking me where I got the shirt from. It’s meant to be an oversized shirt but I went a size up so it’s OVER oversized on me as I planned to style it as a dress. Soooo chic, sexy and breezy. I’m getting a reserve because this is my favourite look so far.

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White Poplin Shirt Dress

White ankle strap heel sandals

Snakeskin print crossbody bag (old from Mango but similar here)

Straw boater hat with red and blue stripe

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OOTD: Chilling in Chester

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