Top 35 Duo Fashion Blogs

top 35 duo twin sister fashion blogs

They say two heads are better than one. That also applies to fashion blogging. One outfit is better. But twice the look is a visual experience! I want to dedicate this post to and appreciate bloggers who it best in a team. Not everyone can thrive when working in a team so every time I see bloggers who are doing it best as a duo, I have to do a hats off to them. Blogging alone is hard. But blogging with a partner I would imagine is twice as hard especillay when it comes to compromising and merging both visions as one. These bloggers have crossed that threshold and are triving marvellously as a team. They are living proof of the perks of blogging as a duo. let’s delve into some of the top blogging duos out there. Not in any specific order.

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Top 40 Male Fashion & Style Bloggers

It’s Monday and what better way to hasten the beginning the of a long week than to do a #ManCandyMonday #MenswearMonday…(call it whatever you want) feature?
Let’s face it, we don’t talk about male fashion enough. I’m guilty of that to say the least. This post is for all the hot fashionistos out there. Here’s me (us) saying: we see you, we appreciate, we take note and yes, we swoon… Let the testosterone roll.

1. Christian Confidential

To kick-start our male fashion bloggers countdown, I bring you model, host and lifestyle blogger, Christian Thompson of Christian Confidential. His blog has a lot to offer from exciting giveaways, trendy outfits breakdown, cool interviews and exercise motivation / tips, his body… 😉 …and everything one could expect really from such a hip blogger. Make sure you check it out.

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Throwback Thurday Special: Top 30+ Cartoons From My Childhood (CRTV Souvenirs Souvenirs)

You’ve probably watched most if not all of these if you were a child in the 90s growing up in Cameroon. My sister shared some hilarious throwback snaps with me yesterday. And not only did I almost pee myself looking at them but they brought back a lot of memories from way back. The good old days when I could watch (and later narrate) whole movies in Spanish on Malabo (Equatorial Guinea’s National TV, lol), the good old days when the highlight of my Sundays was watching Michael Knight and his magical talking car slay the baddies, when Accapulco Bay, L.A Law and Un Flic Dans La Mafia kept me on the edge of my seat…Those were the days.

Well I’ve relived all those memories again and I thought I’d share them with you. Les souvenirs de mon enfance. Just for fun! Do you remember these …

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Top 30 Bald and Bold Bloggers

Let’s get this Friday started! I decided to do this post because I seriously get green with envy each time I see someone effortlessly rocking the buzz cut trend which I attempted once but finally ended up going for a mohawk instead. While my short hair days may or may not be be over, here are my top 10 blogger faves when it comes to consistency on maintaining that Alek Wek look. They sure do know how to look chic and trendy in a short haircut.
This post would also be an amazing source of inspiration for all my fierce stylistas who are sporting this look as well. Hope these bold and bald (sorry that was the only word that came to mind as I was rhyming) bloggers give you some inspiration on how to style your buzz cut this summer.
Disclaimer: I use the term bald loosely here to …

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