Style Diary: Nancy Seino

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Happy weekend people! Thanks for stopping by Style Diary. Today we’ll be checking out Nancy, a budding designer from Cameroon.
Let’s read what style secrets her diary holds for us.
Who is Nancy?  Who am I? thats interesting.In a nutshell, I am a fun-loving person, but also quiet. I hail from the N.W.R (North West Region)  i.e Bamenda but currently live in Yaounde.Im into designing actually, just starting out. For hobbies I love watching movies,listening to music,reading novels and oh acting [actually dreamed of being an actress since i was like 11].
How would you describe your style and what influences it? Well I could describe my style as edgy and out of the box cuz thats what I go for anytime I dress. My style choices are strongly influenced by Rihanna, by the way i love her. I also have ethnic influences like ankara designs (what …

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Style Diary: Ekei Mbu

Today’s style inspiration is miss Ekei Mbu from Yaounde, Cameroon. She describes her styles as ‘cool, edgy and classy.’
Read her style diary.
Who is Ekei? I am Ekei Mbu from Yaounde, Cameroon.  I like making everyone around me look fab in the best way possible. I am drawn to all things fashion! Especially hair. I think a hairstyle can make or break any outfit. I have been known to style a few people myself.

i love hair accessories.
How would you describe your personality? My personality: Hmmm,  fun and bubbly, full of life, loves a crowd of interesting people and I like to stand out in any scene of life.

What is your dressing style? My dressing style is very dynamic, keeps changing all the time. In a nutshell it can be described as cool, edgy classy …

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Style Diary : Jessica R

Today on Style Diary, we’ll be featuring a girl who is the ultimate combination of beauty and brains. You must have seen her blog, but do you know the beauty and brains behind Hapa Time? Not only, is she a web editor and graphic artist but our style star knows very well how to make good use of  her designing skills when it comes to styling herself. She has been often told she’s got a great eye for design. Let’s see what you think.
Meet her…My name is Jessica Ricks, and I live in the Bay Area of Northern California. I have always been an artist, and over and over again I have been told I have an eye for design. So of course I love to paint and draw. I work as a graphic artist and web editor for two online companies in the software …

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