Style Diary: Natasha N

Let’s start this week on a high note with our well-loved Style Diary which is back by popular demand. On our Style Diary today is modelesque beauty Natasha whose blog I follow religiously. She was also featured on my Top 40 Bloggers of Colour. I caught up with Natasha and here’s what she had to spill:

ABY: Let’s start off with some bio stats about yourself Natasha.

My name is Natasha Ndlovu and I was born in Zimbabwe and also grew up in South Africa. I live in London where I work as a model, as well as being a blogger. I love photography, traveling and recently I have started doing fashion DIYs. I speak Ndebele, English, Spanish, French and am learning Russian.

ABY: In a few words, what would you …

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Style Diary: Florie M

By Posted on 8 1.2K

After a few months of hibernating and wishful sun-bathing, the Style Diary segment is back by popular demand.

Thanks for the submissions guys. If you’d like to showcase your style here, please email me your pictures and short style bio.

Meanwhile, let’s take a peep into Florie’s style diary. 

Florie Mwanza is one of my favourite buzzcut-rocking bloggers. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi I’m Florie, a fashion enthusiast  with more regard for shoes than oxygen:) My style can be described as  bummy chic, I like to be relaxed but still look luxe.
In terms of clothing brands, I’m very interested in minimalism so I like Acne, Alexander Wang, The Row.
For makeup, there’s a …

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Style Dairy: Laviniah L

This Style Diary segment of my blog has been on hibernation for a while now. That’s because I’ve been compiling a list of the most stylish bloggers in the blogosphere. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for upcoming posts. Today’s style blogger is Laviniah from the United Kingdom. 
Hi my name is Laviniah, Kenyan by origin, I’m a media studies graduate working towards building my career in marketing. My biggest passions are fashion and music; I’m enthralled by each equally and couldn’t separate the two. I’m a singer/songwriter and a fashion blogger, I run a fashion blog that is a personal style journal detailing my style, inspirations and tips. Both fashion and music provide an outlet/platform for me to express myself artistically and bring my creative mind to life. 

I would describe my style as innovative and chic with a moderate touch …

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Style Diary: Mia T

Mia Taylor is my style star today. I just love her confidence and positive aura. 
I’m Mia Taylor. I’m from Charlotte, NC by way of Cincinnati, OH. I’m a 24 year old fashion blogger who received my B.S. in journalism. I love writing and I love fashion. I started blogging back in 2008 before blogging was even the “in” thing to do. I created Diary of a Fatshionista in May 2010.

What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? (Could be ethnic influences, vintage and couture, street smart…) 
I say my style is Beauty Meets the Streets. I love being dolled up all the time, but having an edge. Hair, makeup, and nails are always the finishing touches on any outfit. My favorite fashion icons, Kardashians, Rihanna, Lala, Rachel Zoe, …

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Style Diary: Cyrena M

Today’s Style.  read is the perfect fit for Halloween: dark, edgy and intriguing. Her effortless swag is like no other. Meet … Cyrena Monique. I am a British (Jamaican/Dominican Rep/Irish mix),
I run two sites – one is an online mag/blog Freak Deluxe and the other is my personal blog Let Me See Your Wears.
5 things I’ve loved for as long as I can remember – Bashment, Fashion, Sweets, My Hair, the number 5.

I love easy dressing, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal at heart; styled up with some cute heels, fly jewellery, and a red lip and I’m good to go! I love BLACK,studs, and skulls (I’m kind of annoyed that studs are becoming so mainstream now). When I check it I’m a bit of …

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Style Diary: Klerlie R

I have been off blogging for weeks now but Style Diary is back to put everything ack on track. Today’s fashionista hails from Haiti.

My name is Klerlie Raymond. I am 100% Haitian, raised my whole life in Miami, Fl. I love to shop; I love thrifting, reading, blogging and anything that involves a margarita or a glass of wine.


-My dressing style is very vintage. Most of my clothes and very unique pieces come from thrift stores. I also shop in stores like Forever 21 and H&M for common pieces such as jeans, camis, etc. My style influences are bohemian chic and vintage.

-Favourite designer is…Balmain!!! His current line is amazing. The whites, crèmes, and leathers …

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