OOTD: Pink Bodycon

Ever woke up feeling unnecessarily happy? Well, happiness is NEVER unnecessary. But you know that feeling when you just feel like shouting (yes shouting, not singing. My morning voice sounds similar to a toad in labour…)  all the songs you can think of at the top of your lungs. Even songs that you normally skip when they come up sound good in your ears. You just want to cook and eat sweet  food.

Maybe it is because I stumbled upon my Hi5 profile this morning. Ha! Who knew they were still operating? Of course I have deactivated my account. But not before downloading a few pictures which I might later use to persuade a few of my friends into doing favours for me, lol. I mean can you imagine what we used to call swag back then? I know that old vintage fashion making a comeback. when I …

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OOTD: It’s A Wrap

By Posted on 7 1K

Happy and beautiful people? How’s the new week treating you all? From the looks of things, this is gonna be one hell of a good week for most of us. First of all, the end of the month is approaching which is a good thing. I’ve noticed most people are always happy towards the end of the month. Maybe it’s because they’re laughing straight to the bank. Who knows?

Also, @English Weather must have read my blog and noticed my snide remarks about the weather last week because it has put up a great challenge for me in the form of some serious and unrelenting sunshine. Yes, it’s blazing hot outside. Yay! If that is what will bring the sun out its horizon then I’ll keep the remarks coming, ha!

I wore my OOTD to a friends graduation in Manchester. The original outfit was a plain …

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OOTD: Shades of Mint

By Posted on 7 1.2K

The bad good thing about launching one OOTD is that it gets you on a roll. I am currently on an OOTD high. I literally dream about putting outfits together these days. The other day I saw myself casually tossing a Birkin bag around while I sprinted on the grass as the photographer tried to capture the beautiful moment where my flowy Stella McCartney skirt and wavy hair were in symmetry. Of course in this vision I didn’t need heels because my olive-coloured legs went on for days… My beeping phone, right on cue woke me out of this reverie. Shaking my head I stepped out of my bed and…OUCH!!!!! I had stepped on a pin which I had left lying about from my ‘Pimp My Bag,’ session the night before. And just like that in one pin prick, my Birkin/McCartney bubble was burst. Thank you very much, old and ungrateful …

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OOTD: Animal Instinct

By Posted on 7 1.1K

So I have been putting off and postponing Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) posts for months now. What have been my reasons?
*I am not ready yet. I am still waiting for those pink Casadei pumps to go on sale. My outfit posts CANNOT start without them.
*I do not have a photographer. Who will be bothered to sit out and wait for me (a fussy dresser) while I decide what colour to paint my nails.
*What is a shoot without a location? I simply have to have a world wonder in the background of each single shot.
*England has the worst weather ever.
In fact if I exhaust the whole list of reasons, I’ll end up writing a completely different post than I’d originally intended. Best to crack on.
Reality check: You do not need a photographer to do an OOTD post. A tripod and self-timed camera will do just …

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