OOTD: From Austria With Love

By Posted on 17 1.2K

I am beyond excited, elated, grateful, ecstatic…in fact I’m oozing positive energy. What triggered these happy feelings is first of all I’m rocking my new hair:) Now this is not only a new hair but it is also the first time I’ve had a Brazilian weave on. I was skeptical at first but  after I had it installed, I was pleased with the results. It was bought for me by one of the kindest people ever when she visited Vienna, Austria. Thank you!
This is a throwback kind of post so I won’t write much. So the throwback question is what do you make of my new look? Sound off your opinions please. 
Also i’m working on this new column for my blog but i won’t announce what it is about yet. But it will be up preeeetty soon. Just subcribe and follow my blog so that you get a notification …

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OOTD: Strapped For Life.

By Posted on 5 1.3K

Happy Monday fashion lovers! First off I’d like to say thanks a bunch to all the readers. You’re far too kind. I’m amazed at the feedback. Thank you very much. Every single comment or feedback in any form is appreciated by me. Thank you for giving me the drive to keep this blog alive.
How was the closing ceremony weekend for everyone? I don’t know about you, but the whole ceremony just made me feel a little homesick. I am one of those people who love it when there’s something on TV that the whole world is hyping about. I’ll just generally miss the hype. Well, now that it’s over I guess we can look forward to the Paralympics and for the more dedicated TV watchers amongst us, Celebrity Big Brother. Hahaha, can’t wait. I do love a good grind.
For my outfit of the day , I decided to take …

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OOTD: Mama Taught Me Best

By Posted on 13 753

You know your Mom is your Personal Stylist when:
-Every Sunday while you’re in the shower getting ready for church, she is busy preparing your ‘church wear.’
-Every time you’re about to just step out of the house, she will lower the bulletin/paper she had been reading. pull down her reading glasses, squint her eyes as if she is not sure whether she is looking at her own daughter or the neighbour’s dog and say; “Is that how you’re going out?”
-Every time she returns from the market she has bought you a bunch of clothes which she will present to you and say;  “I bought you some ‘correct clothes.’ No be that your girls things them.”
-Every time you’re both out shopping, she will squint at every mini skirt or strapless top that your eyes wander over.
One time we were leaving for church and we were almost running late. …

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OOTD: Delirious Denim

Hey happy and hippy people! I’m over the top happy today because I’m doing an OOTD on my happy outfit. This is my favourite OOTD yet of the bunch. Maybe it’s because these shots were taken at night and they came out great or maybe it’s because it’s denim, my all fave outfit.  First off, these jeans are my happy go lucky trousers. I got them from Zara for £29.99 (on the sale) and I swear these were personally fitted on me. The fit is great. Scratch that. This is my best pair of denims yet. They are fitting without being extra tight. And the distressed bits on the denim  is just the cherry on top. 
If style is eternal and denim never goes out of style, therefore is Denim=Style?
Go figure. 
Double Denim outfit: Denim Shirt-TK Maxx, Distressed denim trousers-Zara, Bag-Autograph from Marks & Spencer, Heels-Dune.

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OOTD: Going For Gold

By Posted on 18 1.2K

It has been a very indulging weekend for me. All I’ve done is sit back and relax and indulge in a good whole day of watching the good old Olympics. I mean I love sports…on TV. I DO love exercising. I don’t mind doing sit ups, squats or dancing. Even though push ups freak me out. Not because I can’t do them, but because I can’t help thinking that if I try to, my hands will come loose at the shoulder sockets. Not a happy thought. Nevertheless yes, I love exercising. But put me in a real sporting activity and you will know the answer to the greatest question that has puzzled men for decades now…why does Victoria Beckham never smile?
Just saying I’m as puzzled as to why I cannot do a slam dunk. Or synchronized swimming. I blame my legs personally. These same legs that failed me when I …

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