Beauty: Under The Wiggery – Nicki Minaj Reveals Long & Healthy Natural Hair

All the blonde weaves and outrageous hairstyles were only protective styles after all! Nicki Minaj unveils a full head of healthy looking hair and all her edges in tact as she dresses down flexes for a mini shoot. See her flaunt it in the pics!

I think I love this side of Nicki. Don’t you?

What do you think?

Smooches! x


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INTERVIEW: Dencia Defends Beauty Cream ‘Whitenicious’ (Full Interview with Ebony Magazine)

A few weeks ago, Cameroonian singer Dencia released a highly controversial beauty product named ‘Whitenicious’ which is meant to be the answer to any dark spots or scarring problems. The singer has received severe backlash since then from every blog and social media platform you can ever imagine. The name of the product in itself has been considered offensive by many as it could imply that it is selling and encouraging self-hatred amongst women of colour and promoting the concept of bleaching and all of the assumed superiority that comes with it. Despite the backlash, Dencia stands behind Whitenicious and believes that she is in fact helping women overcome an obstacle.

whitenicious dencia

It’s a pity that even with all the backlash, the product sold out as soon as it was launched online. Dencia says the majority of her customers are African Americans. Which …

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Beauty: Dencia Unveils Skincare Line With a Controversial Name, ‘Whitenicious.’ Perfect For Dark Spots

By Posted on 3 1.4K

Cameroonian singer Dencia has officially released her skincare line controversially named Whitenicious. Dencia has found the perfect way to cash in on the ‘toning’ craze. 

A lot of people deal with acne prone skin, spots and blemishes. Whitenicious claims to be the answer to all dark spot concerns. Here’s what the official press release had to say:

“Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark spots which clears dark spots caused by anything from acne, wounds, hyper-pigmentation bruises etc… on any part of the body. It works on all skin types including sensitive skin and “Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark knuckles, knees and elbows. A lot of people suffer from hyper-pigmentation on these areas and this product clears up the pigmentation to match the rest of your skin. It can be used on all skin types and everyone from white to black.

whitenicious by dencia

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Cameroonian Fashion Blogger of the Year

My country people, first of all Happy New Year 2014 from me (ABY) to you.


It’s established by now that I do love a good countdown.

And what sums up a year better than a good ole countdown of all your favourite things.

We kicked off nicely with most fashionable women of 2013. Let’s carry on with our favourite Cameroonian Lifestyle & Fashion Bloggers.

2013 has certainly been a breakout year in terms of fashion and blogging in Cameroon. It has seen an immense growth of general fashion consciousness in Cameroon and more people have taken up blogging or have becomes more familiar with the term blog than last year. I am ashamed to say that I only know a handful of Cameroonian bloggers but hopefully we’re only going to get better at …

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Bea’You’Ty: Best Winter Lipsticks To Try

By Posted on 5 4.2K

December’s here which means winter’s only just kicking in. Boots and Wellies have replaced our ever-so-comfy flats and courts. In the beauty department, plums, berries, burgundy and vampy red lipsticks are coming into play as we slowly stash away our bright pinks and oranges for next summer. But what are our favourite fall lipstick colours? This list covers some of the most popular dark lip colours everyone is sporting this winter. Here’s to putting your best pout forward this winter:

1. Mac Heroine

I was so sad when I heard this colour had been discontinued by MAC. It is super gorgeous. It’s bright enough to uplift an otherwise dark wintry ensemble without feeling too summery. What’s best, it is flexible and can be worn even in the summer when one is feeling feisty. I love 🙂 MAC may not be stocking these babies but as usual, …

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