13 Best Ways to Apply Makeup Quickly

Whether you’re a working woman, a student or housewife, makeup is bound to be a part of your morning routine. However, the whole routine can become monotonous and time-consuming.  If this is the case for you, here’s some time-saving tips that will help you!


Tip 1:

You need to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. Most women collect a lot of stuff, which are rarely used. Of course, they add to the total time spent on makeup. So, the first time saving tip is that you should throw away such makeup products so you avoid sifting through a load of products. Keep only a few items. It’s difficult but essential to speed up makeup application.


Tip 2:

You can use tinted moisturizer, and avoid using bronzer or blush.   …

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ABY Mail Query: Protective Weave & Extension Hairstyles For Natural hair

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope things have been good 🙂 I’m finishing off my mail queries and this last one (for now) is about natural hair styles. 

Christie wondered:

‘Hi,Love your blog! I didn’t know you had natural hair. How do you wear a weave with natural hair. I have trouble using weaves because I cannot leave my natural hair out but I need to protective style my hair. What are great protective styling ideas Please. Thank you. ‘

1. Crochet Braids

A crochet needle is used to weave synthetic, hair into your natural hair that has been French braided or braided into corn rows. Crochet braids, despite the name, are actually closer to sew in weaves than actual braids.Crochet braids use crochet needles (latch hooks) to loop bulk pieces of hair extension onto cornrows. Asherah of For The …

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ABY Mail Query: Lipsticks For Darker Skin Tones & Fuller Lips

Hey ABYers, I’m so grateful for your input and interest in my blog! Your mails inspire me to come up with new posts and I’m so happy that you feel confident enough to share your queries with me. Thanks a bunch. I received another Beauty query from Noel.

Noel wrote in:

I am having a little lipstick problem, please can you post some stuff on the right lipstick shade for dark skin, for ladies with bigger lips. sometimes when people recommend lipstick shades for my skin tone, the lipstick wouldnt look good on the size of my lips and its killing me. my prom is fast approaching and i dont know what to do. I really love your blogs and i love your taste in fashion, really inspiring. My skin tone is “dark with cool undertones” as shown in …

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ABY Style Tips: How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

By Posted on 1 2.4K

It’s Friday and I’m in the mood to answer a few more styling queries. Thanks for the emails, keep them coming guys 😉

Gladness wrote in:

Hi Lydie,
Happy hump day!!! You are amazingly beautiful and I love how you represent Cameroon; Africa for that matter!!! Anyways, I love your blog!!! I love your classy looks and suggestions!!! I just have love for everything you share on your blog!!!
I have a question: how do I get used to wearing high heels? I am not entirely a newbie on this, but I want to wear them often. My feet get really TIRED!!! Help!!!
Also, where do I get the white dress that was featured on the Williams show?
Your esteem follower Gladness!!!


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ABY Naturalista: Baroness Countess

TGIF! I’m in the mood for a new Naturalista post.

Kicking off the weekend with this Fabulous Fro Queen, Lichelle.


My name is Lichelle, and I live in NYC. I’m a Natural hair and Beauty Blogger. I post Natural hair and Makeup tips on my IG and website pages, and I love inspiring women to go natural across the globe.

What’s your heritage?

I identify my heritage as being multi-cultural. We all came from the same source. 🙂

What was your hair like before you went natural?

My hair was relaxed and straight up until 2010

Why did you go natural?

When I went natural, I didn’t …

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