Copy A Trend: Statement Earrings

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Are you one to always go for modest (almost unnoticeable) ear jewellery? Well here’s a new trend for you to try. Why not try statement earrings. This time let your ears do the talking! Here are a few ear candy shots  that might just change your mind.
Me! Ear candy from River Island


yep, that's me

Bianca Golden


Keri Hilson
Eva Marcille

Cassie Ventura
Eva Marcille
Eva Marcille

Eva …

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Beauty: Good Hair!

Found these amazing pics of a gorgeous Good Hair model showcasing her natural  Peruvian weave and vowed to myself, ‘That is definitely going on my blog!’  Come to think of, I have never quite considered Peruvian hair. It’s almost always about Brazilian hair, isn’t it? Anyways, when I found these, I decided to do a little research on Peruvian hair and found out that:
1. It’s easier to blend a Peruvian natural hair weave with Afro hair (especially if you want to leave some of your hair out) because its toughness is close to that of the Afro hair than the Brazilian natural hair which is sometimes visibly finer than our natural hair.
2.It takes very well to dyeing and colouring.
3. Sexy curls are best achieved when curled with a curling wand instead of a curling tong. That is probably because the hair is thick and …

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The Brazilian Blowout: A Replacement For The Relaxer?

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I am an African to the core so when it comes to talking about bad hair hair days I have seen it all from breakage, to overdue roots which are as thick as the evil forest, to horrible dye reactions, to frizz, to thinning hair and what have you.  Imagine how high up my ears flew when I heard the words ‘Achieve smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine without using a relaxer,’ all in one sentence. So I thought to myself I’m definitely taking a closer look at this thing.
So what is the Brazilian Blowout? The Brazilian blowout according to what I have learnt, is a new and innovative hair treatment that gives you frizz-free, tangle-free, straight and shiny hair without you having to relax your hair. In their own words, ‘The Brazilian Blowout is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world! Through …

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When Black Girls Blush.

By show of hands, who loves blush but is scared to wear it because she is dark skinned or who loves blush and has actually worn it but the minute you step your friends are like, ‘What is that blush on your cheeks? Girl, seriously.’ ‘Oh do black people blush now? Hahaha!’
Wow, so many hands. Okay hands down. This only goes to confirm the conservative belief people have that blush would look horrible on black girls or worse, that black people don’t blush. My question is, since when?
Let me first start by unmystifying these silly myths.
Truth number one: EVERYONE blushes. Dark  tones just prevents you from seeing the pink pigmentation under some people’s skin when they blush. Which is a good thing if you’re trying to mask your emotions but let’s not get into that now.
Secondly, EVERYONE can wear blush. If you’ve got a cheek, there’s a …

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