Miss Cameroon Officiel: And The Winner Is…

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The finals of the Miss Cameroon Officiel competition went down last night  and stunning model Valerie Ayena was crowned the worthy winner.  She chatted with a source after  her win and here’s what she said:

“I know my potential and I know that if Cameroonian people would like to see their country shining overseas they should choose me. For the rest I give it to papa God.” –

Miss Valerie is a bilingual fashion model and has been an international catwalk model for quite a few years.

Well, congratulations to Miss Valerie and can’t wait for her to represent Cameroon in the upcoming Miss World competition.


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Beauty: Nude Lipsticks For Light & Dark Skin Tones

Hey beauties! Nude has been a huge makeup rave lately so I decided to put together this post for anyone who may be eager to try a more natural makeup look but is finding it difficult choosing the right lipstick colours.

People don’t know how hard it is to find just the shade of nude lipstick that will blend in with your skin tone and make your skin look divine. Finding anything in flesh tone – be it tights, leggings, underwear or lipstick- is a challenge. Before we carry on, one thing must be clear, nude lipstick is different from lip gloss. I see a lot of people wearing lip gloss and hashtagging #nudelips. They are not the same thing.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the right shade of nude lipstick for your skin colour. …

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Top 30 Makeup & Beauty Bloggers

Let’s get into the weekend looking beat , okay? Okay!

If you are anything like me when it comes to applying makeup on yourself then this post should comes a blessing. Makeup application is a skill that is sometimes generally underrated by the general public. I mean, how hard could it be to dab some blusher on or better still achieve the well-known ‘everyday look?’ Believe me, until you’ve tried (and ended up looking like a full on drag), you’ll never know.  Well, do not panic. These expert beauty bloggers can do in their sleep what I struggle to achieve in 45 minutes. Which is why I look up to them. I’ve only recently, learned to do what looks like a winged-eye, thanks to these marvelous ladies. If you’re looking to learn a few tricks or two, or just the basics about makeup application and general grooming then …

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Top 30 Bald and Bold Bloggers

Let’s get this Friday started! I decided to do this post because I seriously get green with envy each time I see someone effortlessly rocking the buzz cut trend which I attempted once but finally ended up going for a mohawk instead. While my short hair days may or may not be be over, here are my top 10 blogger faves when it comes to consistency on maintaining that Alek Wek look. They sure do know how to look chic and trendy in a short haircut.
This post would also be an amazing source of inspiration for all my fierce stylistas who are sporting this look as well. Hope these bold and bald (sorry that was the only word that came to mind as I was rhyming) bloggers give you some inspiration on how to style your buzz cut this summer.
Disclaimer: I use the term bald loosely here to …

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Discussion:Should Coloured Women Wear Blonde Hair?

What I love about browsing through blogs and other social media platforms are the comment sections. I love feedback. They are like another post on their own. Let’s be frank, sometimes the comments are even more fun to read than the real article! I can’t resist scrolling down to read the viewers’ opinions after watching a video on YouTube or reading an article on Yahoo. Always a delight (excluding all the useless trolls and spammers of course).

Lately however, I can’t help but notice the shade negative feedback from bloggers readers and just the general public towards black women who have been adventurous enough to play with different hair colours (ie blonde).

Here are a few excerpts from the web in which readers comment on Beyonce’s cascade of blonde locks.

‘Every woman of colour has an important social and cultural history that cannot …

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One Bih-Youtiful Day.

This post is dedicated to my sister & friend, Miss Sandra Bih Ekukole. 

Being an inside out beauty herself, Miss Bih is a Makeup/ Makeover / Make-under queen. She’s the brains behind beauty and makeup page Bih-Youty.  I’m missing out on the fun but here are my birthday wishes for you:

I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved so far.
The sky is only your starting point.
Bih-Youty is more than just blushers and bronzers.
It goes beyond the skin and layers of concealers.
Bih-Youty is a call to touch others and you have answered it. 
In blending flaws, you reveal their true beauty…

This sounded much better in my head. But you get the drift. 

Long story short: 

It’s your birthday. Raise your glasses. Say …

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