Why Jade Rollers Are Best Used With Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks came with the Korean beauty invasion. Everyone is obsessed with their revolutionary beauty products. From sleek K-pop music videos to novel romantic comedies, Korean pop culture changed the landscape of popular culture. While some are not sold on the trendy fashion and music, one thing everyone can agree on is how dewy, glassy and pore-free Korean skin is! It’s like they grew up without outgrowing the skin they had when they were babies. While many of us tried, we just can’t cope with their 10-step skincare routines. To this day, it’s hard to understand how they have what looks like very runny moisturizer and yet they call it a toner lotion. Or how they can have an emulsion, which differs from the serum and moisturizer. But they did gift us with one low maintenance skin care item that goes well with the best jade …

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The Effects of Cosmetic Procedures on Your Health

Not to sound morbid here but cosmetic procedures come with different risks. Some are minor while others are severe. Because they’ve become such a trend, these risks must be discussed. If you are planning on a cosmetic procedure, ensure that you research more about it and find out the risks involved. You should also find the right specialist who will explain the side effects of the procedure that you want to enable you to make your decision. If you plan on doing a cosmetic procedure, you can consult Dr Murray who is among the highly revered cosmetic specialists. Today, with advanced technology, many cosmetic procedures have become possible.

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6 Ways To Calm Your Sensitive Skin

Understanding your skin’s needs plays a very important role in skincare. You have to get to know your skin so that you can understand how it would go with certain beauty products like Mizon. Every skin type is unique and it’s important to listen to your individual needs rather than go with the general and popular skin care opinion.

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10 Best Reviewed Mascara Primers

Long and voluminous lashes are so desirable that many women continuously look for the perfect mascara – even though they might already own one. But few women know that mascara primers work as an impressive base of the mascara for that sassy and exquisite look. You can use primers independently if you want longer lashes with a light makeup or a no-hassle night treatment that promote lashes’ natural growth.

However, since purchasing a primer isn’t easy, I have compiled a list of the best-reviewed mascara primers that millions of women already love.

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12 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes We’re Bringing into 2018!

The way the beauty industry got lit towards the end of 2017 had us knowing that there’s a lot about to go down beauty-wise in 2018. Here’s to more inclusion this year. However, as much as I’m looking forward to new releases this year, there are some hot ass must-have staples from last year that I will be taking with me into the new year:

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