ABY Blog Awards 2015

By Posted on 8 2.2K

aby blog cameroonian awards 2015

This year has been a great year in terms of Cameroonian talent breaking the norm and getting international recognition. I’m not saying it validates them but I’m saying you know you’re doing something right when you transcend into and are accepted by different cultures. There was no official voting system (this year) but I asked a few Cameroonian bloggers and notables I know and they all sent in their top choices!

The categories were:

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist
  • Best Cameroonian blogger
  • Best Cameroonian businessman
  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016
  • Best Cameroonian artist Notable Cameroonian of the year (and why if you have the time!)
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female
  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist
  • Best …

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Ebangha’s Picks: Top 12 Cameroon Songs of the Year

By Posted on 7 1.7K

top 12 camer songs 2015 ebangha njang

I love introducing new and cool segments to the blog. This year I’ll be introducing a recurring segment by Ebangha Njang who will be picking her Top Camer hits of the entire year. We think it wpould be a great way to encourage other artists to work hard and strive for recognition. I am most excited about this collaboration because Ebangha is well respected in the music industry and has got some fantastic taste. Plus I am bound to discover a good few artists I’d never heard of! Here’s her Camer 2015 in music review. Let us know if you agree with her list! 😉

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Camer Profile: Liinx

camer music artist liinx aka Tabot Perpcy

Liinx is one of the underground ol’ Gs from the old school Cameroonian hip-hop industry. Being an adept and strong believer of realness and deep lyrical content, Liinx is an artist who without sugar-coating, always emphasizes on the importance of showcasing the critical social values of Cameroon and mama Africa in general. ABY had an intersting chat with Liinx following the release of his latest single Ashia. Here’s what ensued…

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