Camer Spotlight: Geli Forlefac

I like to treat my ABY readers and what better time for a well-deserved treat than on a Friday?! After a long and gruelling week of hard work, late nights and early mornings here’s something to make you smile. On Camer Spotlight this week is edgy Cameroonian model Miss Geli Forlefac. I shot a few quirky questions at the Grace-Jones-type-fierce model and here are the fun replies she had for me:

ABY: Let’s get the basic introductions in. Who’s Geli?  Well, first off, my family is straight from Cameroon. I was born in the States with the rest of my siblings and I guess that’s what they call first generation. I grew up in Maryland right outside of D.C around Silver Spring and Bethesda. I went to Bethesda Chevy Chase High school. I’m currently not enrolled in University.

geli forlefac


ABY: What are some of your main interests and hobbies? My hobbies would include dancing, reading poetry, arts and crafts and especially people watching. It sounds creepy but I’m not a stalker or anything. I’ve just always been interested in peoples lives and what they do and who they are. I sort of kind of make up stories about people I see. I just think people are extremely interesting: how they dress, their mannerisms and what they do.

ABY: OMG you’re Huck from Scandal…! Lol. First off tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modelling career all started? I wasn’t discovered at all. I packed up my things and kind of ran off to NYC. I didn’t tell my parents my plan and didn’t know a single soul in NYC or much about modelling then. I just knew NYC was the place to be. So I moved on my own and it has definitely been an interesting couple of years.

ABY: Such guts! And it’s paid off for you. Do you have any hidden talents? Umm…I’m not really sure, you would have to ask my friends. I think I’m a pretty boring person.

ABY: Girl are you sure? Ok. What has been your favourite shoot or picture till date? My favourite shoot would be shooting for FashizBlack Magazine when they first started. The stylist ( Joy Adaeze ) and photographer ( MG Oania) were phenomenal to work with and FashizBlack has been growing into an awesome magazine so I’m definitely happy I got to be a part of that. My favourite photo is one a friend of mine at the time took. He is also a photographer. but its not a picture I keep in my portfolio. Its just a candid moment of me smiling that I’ve always really loved.

Favourite shot
Favourite shot

ABY: Are you currently working on any projects? What should we expect? I am, but I don’t wanna jinx it! It involves my hobbies, that’s my hint.

ABY: oooh, a bit of suspense. I can’t wait! Give us 3 facts about you people may not know

1. I’m a twin

2. I played the Cello for about 8 years

3. I’m the best at giving advice and fixing problems

1011240_2498156172935_102090535_n 1150845_2514810949294_106272381_n

ABY: Wow, a twin! I never would’ve guessed. If you weren’t modelling what would you see yourself doing? I have absolutely no idea. I ask myself this all the time! Ha, I guess I’m still working on that one.

ABY: You have a great look and an amazing body! Pray tell, how do you stay fit? -I honestly wouldn’t have this body if it weren’t for my trainer Kali O’Mard. I love him, he’s the best. He taught me how to eat right and everything I need to know about my body to stay at my targeted weight the healthy way. With modelling its like you’re never skinny enough.


ABY: Who is your favourite A. Cameroonian model B. international model? There really aren’t many Cameroonian models out there so the options are limited but I definitely like Naoumie Ekiko. She’s great! There are too many amazing models out there but I have to say I’ve always been the biggest fan of Daria Werbowy and Liya Kebede.

ABY: Top picks. I’m a fan of Naoumie and Liya myself. How would you define your personal style? I’m lazy when it comes to style,I want to be comfortable. I don’t think I have “style” at all I just wear what I feel like, lol. If I had to describe it or define my day to day style, I would say its minimal and a bit boyish and natural. I love a good T-shirt with some stupid doodle on it and ripped jeans. I do like to get dolled up for special occasions though and will get a bit girly.

geli forlefac dress

ABY: Who are some of your favourite designers? Where do you usually shop? I don’t have any store I usually shop at. I shop every and anywhere. I get my basics from H&M and ZARA of course. I like to go to the vintage shops around the city and in BK too. I always like to have items that no one else has. My favourite designer is Marc Jacobs.

ABY: What are your 5 fashion must haves? 

Leather Jacket

-Ripped Jeans or any pair of jeans that make you look your skinniest

-Little Black Dress

-An awesome T-shirt

-Converse Sneakers

215479_1549578659090_4301864_n 9cc707715c1b37aaff7a1cb774c5216f

ABY: What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?

-Right now its Allen Stone ‘ Better Off This Way’

ABY: What is the one book everyone should read? Siddartha by Herman Hesse, my favourite book ever!

ABY: Tell us your most rewarding experience as a model. Seeing my work floating around the internet and getting praise for it. I had a girl call me her “role model”. I was like me? No! and also being asked for an interview! Very shocking but kind of awesome.

ABY: I religiously watch…. How I Met Your Mother.

ABY: When I’m away from home, I just can’t wait to get back so I can…. Eat my mom’s food!

ABY: A night out is incomplete without…. Good friends and good wine

ABY: People have mistaken me for… Just other models around the city.

ABY: Most people are surprised when I tell them I can …. Twerk! I’m kidding, ha! I have no surprises.


ABY: Hahaha. This could honestly go on forever. LOL! You are such an inspirational beauty to many Cameroonians. What is the most important piece of advice you can give to anyone looking to get into modelling? Its a very tough industry and you have to make sure 100% its what you want to do. Not everyone is discovered and made into a supermodel overnight so you have to work hard at it. You’ll be told you’re not skinny enough, or tall enough, and just turned down a lot. It can be hard on you so don’t take everything so personal. Most importantly I would say be realistic, do your research and believe in yourself.

ABY: Precious piece of advice. Where can we ‘catch’ you and see more of you work?

Facebook: Geli Forlefac


Instagram : PnutButrGeli

Some of my fave pics from Geli’s Portfolio. Oh lawd, it was hard to pick only a few so I went overboard…

ad9971d1325451e2493bd7afd45cb9d5 1001241_2514811309303_1053288537_n

geli forlefac face

253904_2127665190892_967648189_n 1011420_2514811109298_502518035_n 94cfbf1bb0cf2380d6092ef6f7fb32cb 4d7fd9f074d86 4cac4d9972b5c4b4439d932cdffa900d

tumblr_lvrs1j1UNy1qjyurso3_1280 fe95c7b5b7591e38651fd160455de264 e8dd9d1850002155921a23632f4aff68

I’m digging this haircut. I’d steal it in a minute but not sure I can werk it the way she does.

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  • Sandy
    August 23, 2013

    such a beauty!!! I’m proud to be a Cameroonian! Go girl

    • MsAidyl
      August 23, 2013

      Thank you sandy. It’ll be you up here next:)

  • Kathy
    August 23, 2013

    Pretty gud interview, am a model too here in cameroon and am happy to see a Cameroonian doing so well in modeling abroad. Kudos Geli, proud of you 🙂

    • MsAidyl
      August 23, 2013

      Thanks for the complement Kathy. am glad you loved it. Feel free to contact me for any promo work. Cheers 🙂

      • Kathy
        August 24, 2013

        Oh thnx, that’s very cool from you 🙂
        i just followed u on twitter. Please do visit my professional page on facebook at Kathy Mingele.

  • Taty
    August 24, 2013

    Wow, i really like her style. she’s so pretty too. Cameroon rocks!

  • Karine
    August 27, 2014

    luVed the interVieW and she rocks,,,, U deFinaTeLY do tOo……

  • Sketchuniverse
    November 24, 2015

    Wow Lydie, your site is incredible. Everything is exquisite and full of gracefulness and charming. Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats! xoxo <3

  • Sketchuniverse
    November 25, 2015

    Oh my dear, you’re welcome. The merit is yours and is so obvious to see it. I’m pleased to be your admirer. Have a nice wednesday 😉

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Camer Spotlight: Geli Forlefac

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