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camer music artist liinx aka Tabot Perpcy

Liinx is one of the underground ol’ Gs from the old school Cameroonian hip-hop industry. Being an adept and strong believer of realness and deep lyrical content, Liinx is an artist who without sugar-coating, always emphasizes on the importance of showcasing the critical social values of Cameroon and mama Africa in general. ABY had an intersting chat with Liinx following the release of his latest single Ashia. Here’s what ensued…

ABY: Hey Liinx. Nice to meet you! First off, let’s get to know the man behind the hit. Who is Liinx?
Liinx is a multi-faced recording Hiphop artist and performer. Born Tabot Perpcy, I originate from the Manyu division of the South West region of Cameroon. Currently based in Stockholm-Sweden, but like Zlatan said ”You can take the boy out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of him.” So Liinx is pretty much that same Ol’ G you have always known from Mbonge Road, Kumba, his home town. Rather than focusing on the glamour of the industry, Liinx is more concerned with using the Hip-Hop medium to tell his story from a different perspective. Using his African background and a Cameroonian nationality to be precise, Liinx uses English, Pidgin-English and French to express his different life struggles and experiences but most importantly, his childhood experiences from Kumba, a city flooded with some of the most mentally creative people in Cameroon.

ABY: How did you get started into music?

 I started my music while at the secondary school, PHS Kumba. Back then it was basically playbacks, freestyles with human beatboxers, and stage performances of what ever kind of music was in vogue just then. Later on we thought it would be cool to make music of our own, something that we could just use while chilling and be proud of. All became more serious while I was in the University Of Dschang. Teaming up with Ja Zuda and El Sim we formed a group under the label FreeSide Records. Unfortunately the burden of school results and lack of finances and time killed the dreams of the label as we never really officially released any Material. However am still very pleased to tell you that after a recent conversation with Ja Zuda he told me most of what we did back then is still there in a hard-drive of his.. lol. so who knows, maybe someday we could re-unite for a production of the ”FreeSide Records lost tapes” I’m sure some of the real players back then like Young Herresy now a Doctor, Styleen, Ferrahin, Big Hype, Sine, Akon Zama, Tabi Marilyn a.k.a Eve won’t mind dropping a verse if called As for the productions now, The label is MudHouse Entertainment ( @MudhouseEnter ) which I partially own and act as the current CEO.

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ABY: What will you label your genre as?
I will simply call my Music Hip-hop with a great African and Cameroonian influence.
ABY: What’s your creative process?
I write all my own music, that’s because most of what I sing about is personal stuff from the heart which many can relate to, and no one else will tell that story better than yourself. Yet if it’s a featuring, the other artists mostly write their parts, that way they can easily transmit the right feeling to the song.
camer music artist Tabot perpcy
ABY: The Cameroon music industry is being revolutionized  with plenty up and coming fresh new talent. What is unique about what you bring to the table?
 Well it is true there are a lot of upcoming talents  right now in Cameroon, what I bring is Sincerity. I dont have a Ferrari, (maybe someday I will lol) so I don’t sing about having one. I also bring Unexplicit music, music that my mother, my kids, or my siblings that look up to me as a role model can listen to without thinking….” what was he thinking singing all that” same thing with the videos, I can already promise you that you won’t be seeing videos of Liinx that can’t be happily watched by a family seating together on a good Saturday afternoon. I will also deliver music people can relate to, music that is in touch with reality. At MudHouseEnt we also want to re-emphasize on the fact that Hip hop must not be associated to a thuggish lifestyle, parting and being extravagant everyday of the week at strip-clubs and casinos and cursing on every sentence that comes out of your mouth. We want people to understand that Hip hop artists are poets, writers, composers who sometimes may get bitter or all-smilling depending on what they are singing about just then, We dont want people to remember us as a bunch of people who go around with their jeans almost falling off, but as entertainers, as artists whose works should hold as high value as the paintings of Picasso.
 cameroon music Tabot Liinx Ashia
ABY: What are the challenges faced as a young business entrepreneur in Cameroon vs out of Cameroon? How did you overcome them?
Its still a big challenge transforming the Music into a business in Cameroon, a friend of mine said maybe its because we have not come up with worthy material to win the minds of the big sponsors, because we have seen them support some artists who have lived up to standards. So the biggest challenge is still winning the trust of major sponsors, and letting them see the big picture, that music is as big a business as any other business when it is well plannified with a perfect strategy. MudHouse Ent. is working with proffesionals at all levels, with a great strategy, so thats how we hope to overcome the barriers.
camer music artist liinx
ABY: Do you play any instruments?
 I play a bit of the guitar, still learning though, lol and percussion.
ABY: What should we expect from your new single?
My new single Ashia is a record that will cause so much tears because it touches a very sensitive topic – Death – and  I guess almost everybody reading this has either directly or indirectly been touched by that unfortunate fate. Plus I made some dedications both in the video and audio that will take the most concerned by surprise. I have informed some though. I also miss them as much as their direct families do. So it was a way of paying homage for ever knowing them and try to make their memories last as long as the record will be there. You won’t believe me, some of the families and close ones of some of the persons I named in the record don’t even have a single picture of them anymore, that’s how easy the dead can be forgotten. So Ashia will maybe solve that problem and keep these people in our memories for as long as we will always have the record to listen to.
The album on its own doesn’t yet have a name, we still have so many ideas and we don’t want to rush, but what I can promise is there will be a great variety of music for everybody and purpose. To help do that the guests appearances are amazing, I will keep that as a surprise. LoL

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ABY: Who are your musical influences? 
Bob Aboki, Richard Bona, Manu Dibango, Coco Ateba, Eboa Lotin, Wendo Sor, Tabu Ley, Wenge Musica, Koffi Olomide and the Quartier Latin, Mamadou and Miriam, Ismaelo, Tikem Jah, Fella, Khaled, 2Pac, Dr.Dre, Nas, The Notorious BIG, this can take us a whole day, cos all these people and many more have influenced me in different ways and I try to apply lesson learnt from them both on and off the music-scene.
ABY: Surely as an artist you have imagined your ultimate collaboration a million times! What would be your dream collaboration?
That’s true.. lol.. Richard Bona, Youssour Ndour, Nas and Dmx. My top priorities. If i do all or any of those collabos, I am graduating.
ABY: Who would you say is your competition right now in the Camer music scene?
Wow, everybody doing hiphop, but I wount want to call them competitors, rather colleagues cos it will only be a good thing for Camer if we have more artists who break into the international scene.
camerron musician artist Tabot Perpcy Liinx
ABY: What did you want to be when you were 17 (younger) versus what you have become now?
This is funny but I derailed long ago from my initial childhood dreams when I was about form 3 and discovered that sciences wasn’t my thing, thus the death of the dream of being a pilot or astronaut. I Taught it could be cool to go to the moon, thank God not all astronaut go to the moon, so I don’t regret.. lol
ABY: How would you define success as an artist? 
Success as an artist for me will be defined by getting feed-back from people on how my music has positively influenced them to deal with some situations. Success will also mean when I have a record with Richard Bona. Then I will call up ma momma and say; ”Momma we made it!” LOL.
ABY: What is your greatest fear?
Losing close ones to death
ABY: Would you say you are driven by money?
No, am not driven by money. It’s true money is important, but that’s not always my top priority.
ABY: When you’re not working you are…
Chilling and fooling around with my family.
ABY: In retrospect, what mistakes did you make in the past that you could have avoided career-wise?
I should have stayed on learning the instruments more, I equally should have keep my hand on production as a  sound engineer, cos I could do that while at the University but absent practice, I lost those skills.
camer musician Liinx Tabot
ABY: What is the best advice you have given or received?
Given.. Be true to yourself, don’t forget where you come from, for It helps you pave a path to where you are headed. Also listen to that little voice within you. Above all, keep your head up and never give up. I actually got that from my mum, and I often pass it over cos it has often worked for me, even when it doesn’t work you don’t really regret because it was your decision.
ABY: You have a fantastic sense of style! Who are your style inspirations? 
Thanks, you don’t hear that everyday from a Style blogger…. lol Well I don’t really have a specific person as influence, I follow trends a lot, and I think I try most often to blend whats trendy and of quality to a style I believe fits me well….Simple.. lol Yet I must also admit I’m an addict to brand
camer Tabot Perpcy profile cameroon music Tabot Liinx Ashia cameroon music artist 2015 Tabot Percy Liinx Ashia
ABY: Where do you shop most?
I buy at shops, sometimes its fun going from one shop to another when you have time, else I also buy a lot online, its fortunate that we have a system here which permits you to get the products delivered to you really fast, so you can try them and if they don’t fit you have 30 days charge-free to return them. like that you can still shop even when you are super busy.
ABY: Style is clearly a big part of defining your image as an artist. What would you say your style persona is? 
I can call my style… ”Suiting” That is, I try to match my outfit with the occasion. You won’t see me at a meeting with some company executive in jeans, that will be in suit… You feel me … lol
camer music artist Tabot Perpcy afro pop
ABY: This is a question from your female fans…Is there someone special in your life at the moment? 
Very Special…. My best friend-My wife, My God-sent all-in-one package…Lucy. that’s a lot of adjectives for one person right… lol. She is my biggest supporter.. She believes in what I do more than myself and am forever grateful for that. Sometime when I feel unmotivated she is always there to remind me this has gone past just being about me. There are many people out there waiting for the music, so you need to get your lazy and full-of-excuses self and get to work… lol I think I’m so so blessed to have her in my life, she is just the nicest person you can think of.
ABY: Being an artist takes a lot of dedication! How do you balance your work and personal life?
I just let it flow. I work with the music mostly late in the night and when everybody else is sleeping. I like it like that, its kind of suitable and thats when I get most of my ideas, also when am travelling, I write a lot, all the time, so when I go to record, the sessions are always very dynamic… bam bam bam in n out and we’re done. Sometimes its hard seperating the music and personal life but my wife is always there to take care of things when Im away. I really try to keep music and personal separate.
ABY: Tell us something about you we wouldn’t expect…
I hate the process of travelling but I love discovering new places… lol strange right? considering you need to do the former to attain the latter..
camer music artist liinx 2
ABY: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Hmmmmmm… I hope my wife doesnt kill me for this… Baby no vex, Its just for the sake of interview. LOL… well I would say Sade. that woman is not only so so talented but you almost never hear about her except when you’re talking about her music.
ABY: Hahaha, I’m sure she’ll understand. Are you working on more music at the moment? What should we look forward to? 
Yes we are currently working on more music while waiting to release the first single #Ashia. We are hoping to consistently release a good number of singles/videos before the entire album drops. We have almost completed production of 2 new singles which will be released later. #KTown Featuring Mic Monsta of KreefEnt. and Ewube of BestMusicInc. Produced by SlimBeatz of BestMusicInc We also have #Team237 Produced by DJ Pazzo plus other productions I wouldnt want to name so far… lol However, you should look forward enjoy good music from us and the album will be amazing.
 Find Liinx on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using his handle  @LiinxOfficial
Keep up with his label MudHouse Entertainment:
Twitter: @MudHouseEnter
YouTube: MudHouseEnt Channel
Official website: (still under construction)
camer music afro pop Liinx Ashia

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ASHIA (Lyrics)

Ohh na na nahhhh Melodyyyy. Liinx

Verse 1
Ol boy ma heart di bleed
Each time I think say you don leave
I no fit just b-liv
No matter how hard I try make I get relief
Yet all the time all I feel na so so pain n grief
I still di waka everyday-
Di shine ma eye for see
The other day I see this sango-
Na ya carbon print
As yi near I almost greet
Yi brush me pass with speed
The thing di almost drive me crazy-
No be small thing
I still di love the double 3
The same dead hot
You know the one with the musanga
-Yes I no di buck
So each time I try one
I try one for you
All thing na 2 for me Ol boy-
Na so so me n you
Sango for me you never leave
You only dey on leave.
I still di wait till the day
We meet again
I still di wait till the day
We meet again
Chorus (Mr Elad)/Liinx
Ashiaaaaaa (Mami no cry again)
Ashiaaaaaa (papa leave am so)
Ashiaaaaaa (dry ur tears lil sis)
Ashiaaaaaa (tie heart petit frère)

Verse 2
Some days ago small thing wakeup me for sleep say I di talk for dream
Cold-sweating belle di turn like say I chop na beans
We be di hang for idle park –
A beer by any means
Because of that pple be say we no get any dreams
Dem no be know say deep inside -we be get the dreams
The dreams we use to dream di chase me now so in ma dreams
The big cars, fine houses
Mounkouanye dreams
Sometimes we just laughed
Wish say no be daydream
I still remember when u said –
no be na crime for dream
With all the ngeme and the brokeness
We stayed real
For puffpuff and the beans level-
We played clean
Na now so things don di better-
Yet na pain in me
U know u too be get for dey here
Enjoy with me
Old Boy u too be get for dey here enjoy with me

Chorus + hook (Mr Elad)/Liinx
Ashiaaaaaa (Its really hard to feel)
Ashiaaaaaa (no be small thing)
Ashiaaaaaa (Mr. Melody make The song cry)

Hook ( Mister Elad)
I take a look at ur picture on the wall
Now I realize how much I missed (Misssss you)
Hopin someday we go meet
N I go tell you
How much I miss you (Missss you)
Its hard to believe that you’re gone too sooooon
I feel so bad when I think of uuuuuuu
Ehhh ooohhh ohhhh ohhhh
Oh na na na Eh. Eh. Ehh.
Hmm I no go cry again
Each time i bite ma tongue
Each time i kick ma foot
Each time my eyes di beat-
I hope wounna di memba we
The other day the hommie Julius-
di post a link
Say make we memba all the people weh dem don dislink
Na so I just di think
Weti wounna di think
When wounna see as we di free-
Hope wounna heart di sweet
I still di pour the liquor
Make wounna take a seep
I still cruise The streets –
Ol boy-Ur wish be dey na jeep
Slow riding –
All over kwata
Like na we be kings
Na plenty tears for queens
For memba all The things
Mami n pops no di sleep
Them still di weep n dream
Another sad story ends with shattered dreams
That ndaim be be na boss
Full of many dreams
Padiman be be na King-
Weti be King without yi peeps-
Ol Boy na natin tin

Chorus till fade (Mr. Elad)
Names of deceased echoing in the background.

In loving memory
Enow Mbu cocoa buyer
The wonder twins Squandron
Rigo Rigo Diabonge
Francais L’International
Petit papa njawa
Suh Mbok Zaire
Zambrotta Nku
Tolo Lupemba
Tabe Giresse
Regina Aya
Roger Ojokoman
Grand Sonyvo
IP Nwalipenja
Albert Molongwe
Grand boutique
Grand Moore
Beltus Nyambi live on
N all the other brothers n sisters we lost in the struggle
U live on

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