Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes Simplified

Just finished binge watching Black Mirror season 4; which is a pretty dark way to ring in the new year, but man I love that show!

In the last 3 seasons, you don’t have to watch the episodes in order but with season 4, I noticed a few easter eggs towards the last two episodes that you’d only get if you watched them in order.

This gif pretty much sums up Black Mirror.

My mind is still reeling (obvs) from the latest series and I’ve just been digging on Twitter and Tumblr to help me understand some of the mess that went down in season 4. This Tumblr post does a pretty good job:

USS Callister: Star trek spoof, but actually slamming white straight boy nerd culture
Arkangel: White people are crazy pt. 3, featuring helicopter parenting and jodie foster’s direction
Crocodile: White people are crazy pt. 4, featuring a Katy Perry wannabe’s violent, desperate downward spiral
Hang The DJ: Apparently everyone in this universe in heterosexual, except for the main woman, who is matched with another woman once and therefore bisexual or pansexual. but everyone else? in every single shot? straight af. what was this episode even about, again? 
Metalhead: K n i f e d o g 
Black Museum: Terrible man gets what he deserves, and a grown woman threatens a stuffed monkey with a straight face

These are pretty spot on. Except it’s missing the fact that I wanted to kill that Mia off Crocodile. She was driving me insane! She killed a baby. A FUCKING BABY! ARGHHHHH. The fact that we see the police getting her at the end was not even close to being enough for me. What a weirdo. Next.


Arkangel was my least favourite. The storyline was a bit too predictable. I understand the mother’s anxiety about her daughter but they were both wrong on different occasions and I ended up getting frustrated with both of them. It was obvious the super spy parenting tech was going to fail. 

Hang the DJ is getting a lot of hype and I’m so confused because I’m the only few people who don’t get the ending everyone is hyped about. Imma need someone to explain this simulation okay? I completely lost it when the finally rebelled (fucked the system) and made it to this simulation that said 998 matches or something. That’s where I don’t get it. Urghhhh. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. Funny and likeable main characters. Who do seem to end up together in the real world. Happy ending 🙂

Metalhead, oh metalhead. I have a lot of questions. A LOT! First of all, where did these metal terminator dogs come the hell from? HOW do they have access to everywhere when they’re so freaking EVIIIIL? Why are they so relentless? Like they don’t give up. They are bent on getting and killing. Sheesh. Only to find out at the end of the episode that everybody damn dies trying to get a replacement teddy bear for a little girl. *MAJOR EYE ROLL* No wonder everyone was so pissed. Lmao. The great thing about this though is even though it’s in black and white, it’s very captivating to watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Brilliantly shot. I kind a loved this 😉

Black Museum is the final episodes. they really saved the best for last here. Letitia Wright (Nish) is compelling to watch. Absolutely loved her performance here. She KILLED it. The twist had me. I was not ready for it. I predicted something else so when the last few minutes kicked in, I was shook. Go Nish!This episode touches on so many topics especially the exploitation of black people by white privilege and sadism. Black Museum is so brilliantly written and relevant to today. I don’t want give any spoilers because if you only watch one episode from season 4 of Black Mirror, watch Black Museum. It’s dark (as expected with Black Mirror) and even better, there’s retribution at the end of the episode.

U.S.S Calister is actually the first episode but I had to cuss that bitch Mia from Crocodile and get it out of the way. Hahahaha.

As someone who completely hates any space or spaceships films or series (never seen Star Wars, Star Trek or anything related), Im shocked I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was absolutely one of my favourites. Would watch it again. It’s funny but intense at the same time. You’re not sure if you feel sorry for the seemingly nerdy gamer who is Robert Daly at the beginning. He shows his rue colours when we see him later in his video game world where he’s a narcissistic  baddie. This is so good. Recommended.


Do you watch Black Mirror? Which episodes were your favourites?

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  • Emerald
    January 3, 2018

    Hi Lydia. We’ve just watched it as well – and it was worth waiting for. Totally agree, Black Museum was the best and how I cheered when that guy got it! I enjoyed Crocodile but it exasperated me as well. At what point would you say you weren’t doing something, I asked my husband who said before you even got in the car with a guy who’d been drinking and therefore likely to have an accident. His favourite was Metalhead and we both enjoyed the Star Trek one too.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

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Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes Simplified

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