Beauty: African Queens Representing at the Miss World 2013 Competition

Only a few weeks ago, Miss Cameroon Officiel announced Miss Valerie Ayena as the winner. Now the Miss World competition is upon us again. The 2013 edition of the Miss World competition will take place on Saturday 28th September 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This 63rd annual edition will be hosted by English beauty Myleene Klass and Mr World 2010 Kamal Ibrahim. On that fateful day, one of the 131 beautiful girls from countries across the world will be crowned Miss World.

Here’s what Africa’s serving from their endless reserve of tantalizing Amazonian queens. Get ready to drool.

 Maria Castelo

Age: 23
Height: 171

miss world 2013

Bio: 23 year old Maria is a student working towards her graduation. Born and raised in the capital city Luanda, Maria has aspirations of pursuing her interests in social activism, championing causes that she believes in, as well as working towards creating a successful career in business. In her spare time she enjoys playing handball, reading and she has skills in singing and performing traditional Angolan dance. A fan of music, Maria’s favourite genres are gospel and RnB.



Name: Rosemary Keofitlhetse
Age: 20
Height: 171

Bio: Rosemary was born in the town of Maun, moving to the Kalahari desert village of Hukuntsi when she was 8. Currently enrolled in a degree in Accounting at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, she has aspirations of using her education to start her own business. Describing herself as “selfless, compassionate and strong”, her interests include photography, cycling, and she is currently learning to play the guitar. Rosemary also has ambitions of becoming an ambassador of goodwill who will make a positive impact in people’s lives.

In Her Own Words…

“My name is Rosemary Keofitlhetse and I will be proudly representing my beautiful country Botswana on the 63rd Miss World Pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am an accounting student and a part time property consultant. Strong, compassionate and selfless defines me. When I am not glued to subjects of environmental care, my community and charity projects or empowering other people, I am either reading, baby sitting, listening to country music, cycling, playing golf or shopping. Multi tasked I am indeed. Please send your love and do follow my adventures right here!”


Name: Denise Valérie Ayena
Age: 22
Height: 180

Bio: Denise was born and raised in Douala, a coastal city in southern Cameroon. Describing herself as a “cheerful and bubbly person”, Denise is currently enrolled at university studying Communications. Her life ambition is to become a successful broadcast journalist, preferably covering events.

Having an artistic nature, Denise enjoys painting and drawing, as well as traditional African dancing. In her spare time she enjoys watching motocross, her favourite book is the Da Vinci Code and she considers herself a “culinary tourist”, delighting in trying new flavours of food.

Cote D’Ivoire
 Aïssata Dia

Age: 18
Height: 183

Bio: Aïssata grew up in the city of Abidjan, where she is currently a first year student in Marketing Management. She describes herself as “ambitious, dynamic and family orientated”, and has aspirations of using her degree to set up her own company in the beauty industry.

Her hobbies include reading and travelling, she enjoys novels by Marc Levy, music from Beyoncé, and her favourite food is foutou with pistachio sauce. Aissata’s personal motto is “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”



Equatorial Guinea

Name: Restituta Mifumu Nguema

Age: 19

Height: 170

Bio : Restituta is a 19 year old student with hopes of becoming a business woman in the future. She was born in Bata, growing up in the capital city Malabo. Describing herself as “cheerful, fun and friendly”, Restituta enjoys dancing, reading Mortadelo y Filemón comic books and her favourite food is chocolate sauce. Her proudest moment of her life was being crowned Miss World Equatorial Guinea.



Name: Genet Tsegay Tesfay
Age: 22
Height: 176

Bio : Genet comes from a large family, growing up with her 11 brothers and sisters in the city of Mek’ele. Currently at university, Genet is a student of Architecture & Urban Planning, with aspirations of putting her degree to good work when she graduates.

Genet’s other interests include swimming, volleyball, and volunteering at homeless shelters for young children. Her favourite foods include pizza and traditional Ethiopian cuisine.



Name: Brunilla Novela Ekoumbi Moussadingou
Age: 19
Height: 170

Bio: Brunilla describes herself as a happy young woman who “lives the life she loves and loves the life she lives.” Currently at university, she is studying Accountancy with aspirations of working as a certified public accountant in the future.

Brunilla’s hobbies include watching movies, shopping, and doing exercise, and her favourite foods include Italian cuisine. A fan of reading, Brunilla’s favourite book is Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield. Her personal motto is “Always be in agreement with yourself and God”.



Name: Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter
Age: 23
Height: 188

Bio: Carranzar was born in the suburbs of Accra and has lived in the capital all her life. She is a BSC Medical Student with ambitions of qualifying as a paediatrician in the future. Describing herself as “down to earth with a vivacious personality and a passion to help the under privileged”, she partakes in quarterly outreach programs bringing medical care to rural areas of Ghana.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, sightseeing, and travelling, and her favourite book is Think Big by Ben Carson.


Name: Mariama Diallo
Age: 24
Height: 172

Bio: Mariama grew up in the capital city of Guinea, Conakry, and is the youngest of three children in her family. She describes herself as a “modest young woman” who “excels in everything I set myself”.

Mariama studied Telecommunication Engineering at college and hopes to put the skills she learned to use in the future. Her interests include reading, watching movies, and following fashion. She enjoys listening to R&B and jazz music, and her favourite foods include beef steak. Her personal motto is “Work hard”.

Name: Heny Tavares
Age: 22
Height: 173

Bio: 22 year old Heny was born in Bafatá before moving to Bissau during her childhood. A confident young lady, Heny graduated university and currently works as an accountant.

In her past she has volunteered at a local hospital and would like to build upon her experiences, training in healthcare. In her spare time, Heny enjoys playing basketball and singing, her favourite singer is Celine Dion, and her favourite books are the Harry Potter series.



Name: Wangui Gitonga

Age: 23

Height: 173

Bio: Wangui was born and raised in Mumbasa and describes herself as “Humble, a real go getter”. With aspirations of becoming a prominent hotelier, she is currently studying for a diploma in Food and Beverage Management. Her hobbies include running, swimming and reading, and she enjoys listening to rock, RnB and gospel music. Her special talents include belly dancing, and her personal motto is “Commitment is the key to success”.

Name: Mamahlape Caroline Matsosos
Age: 19
Height: 170

Bio: Mamahlape was born and raised in the landlocked nation of Lesotho, where she is a university student at present. An ambitious young lady, she has aspirations of becoming a UN peace ambassador, as well as working towards revitalizing her nation so it can compete in the global market.

In her spare time she enjoys dancing, reading, taking long walks, and her favourite food is papa and beef stew. She likes to listen to pop music and her favourite novel is Danielle Steel’s Johnny Angel.

Name: Nathalie Lesage
Age: 19
Height: 175

Bio: Nathalie is currently in her 2nd year of a Management course at the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Born and raised in the northern village of Calodyne, she describes herself as “being positive and down to earth”. Nathalie has aspirations of launching her own communication business in the future, and to “lay my foot at least once on all the different continents.” Her interests include table tennis, cooking, and hiking and she has eclectic tastes in both music and cuisine.


Name: Paulina Malulu
Age: 24
Height: 175


Bio: Paulina is a young woman who strives to live a life of purpose through passion and ambition. Growing up in Windhoek, she has ambitions of obtaining a master’s degree in Somatology before starting her own chain of health spas.

In the past she was a representative for Namibia at the National Youth Council, also speaking at the Youth Forum at the Annual African Union Summit. In her spare time she enjoys a variety of athletic disciplines, she enjoys listening to local home-grown musicians, and she loves eating seafood.



Name: Anna Ebiere Banner
Age: 18
Height: 170

Bio: My name is Anna Ebiere Banner. Describing oneself can be quite difficult so I’ll get the basics out of the way first. I am 18 years old, 5 foot 7 inches tall and from Bayelsa state, Nigeria. My major language is English but I also speak several native Nigerian languages.

First of all, I want to thank you all for the opportunity to represent my beloved country at the Miss World pageant. By the grace of God, I promise to make my country, family, friends and supporters proud by putting my best into every aspect of this contest.

I have a variety of hobbies including swimming, singing and dancing, but I get the most joy out of writing poetry and short stories. My favourite meals are rice with tomato sauce, a native Nigerian soup called Egusi, and fried plantain. One of the most inspirational influences in my life is President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia. She inspired me not just by being the world’s first female black president, but also by the class, humility, and effort with which she executed her office.

In my own new office, I will follow her example and believe my true duty and role as queen is to provide selfless service to the people of my country. Helping, encouraging, and inspiring young people with my words and actions is the number one goal. The beauty of a queen fades away easily but the legacy of her works will forever linger.

Thank you once again for the opportunity and may God bless you.


South Africa
Name: Marilyn Ramos
Age: 22
Height: 174

Bio: My name is Marilyn Ramos and am proudly representing my beloved country, South Africa, the home of world icon Nelson Mandela in the Miss World Pageant 2013

22 year old Marilyn was born and raised in the small town of Klorksdorp. Currently studying Interior Architecture & Marketing at university, Marilyn is also a qualified fitness instructor. Describing herself as a “passionate young lady who is driven to strive for excellence”, she has dual aspirations of opening her own fitness centre and starting an interior design firm. Her hobbies include travel and photography, and her favourite foods are fresh fruit and vegetables.

South Sudan
Name: Modong Manuela Mogga
Age: 21

Bio: Modong was born in Juba, splitting her time growing up between Juba and Uganda. Describing herself as “humble, a good listener and a hardworking young lady”, Modong has aspirations of becoming a doctor and opening a children’s home.

Her hobbies include playing netball, listening to gospel music and her talents include singing. Her personal motto is “Do what you love and love what you do, there is treasure in every challenge and there is no limit to life

Name: Brigitte Lyimo
Age: 19

Bio: Brigitte is a student, born in Dar es Salaam, moving to Nairobi in Kenya when she was 9. Describing herself as “compassionate, hardworking and always eager to learn”, she has aspirations for a career in law and business.

She hopes to achieve her desires by furthering her studies at university in the fields of law and business. Brigitte is a natural dancer, she is very flexible, and can pick up new techniques and routines very quickly. Her favourite author is Dan Brown, and she enjoys playing soccer and basketball.

Name: Stellah Nantumbwe
Age: 22
Height: 175

Bio: Stellah was born and raised in Kampala, where she works as a sales assistant. University educated, Stellah has aspirations of building her own business franchise and then expanding it across the continent. She enjoys hiking, photography, and song writing, and describes herself as “innovative, enterprising and passionate.”

In her spare time, Stellah likes to listen to a variety of music, from afro-fusion to country, and her favourite foods include local cuisine such as boiled banana with fried chicken and brown rice with plantain and greens.

Name: Christine Mwaaba
Age: 24
Height: 175

Bio: Christine is a journalist living in Lusaka. Working on a variety of local projects, she has been involved in documentaries, presenting, reporting, and editing. Her current goal is to enrol at university for a degree in Media Communications.

In her spare time she enjoys singing, reading, and cooking Zambian cuisine. Her favourite music is gospel and country music, and she describes herself as a “social, loving, interactive” person. Miss World 2013 will be her first time abroad.

There they are! So who are you betting your money on?


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