Battling Hair Loss The Smart Way!

While hair loss is a natural part of aging, it can be because of many different reasons and vary in severity. Sometimes unraveling dreads can contribute to hair loss, as can stress and bad choices in product for your hair. No matter what the reason is, or if you’re suffering a lot or a little, you can take some preventative steps to keep your hair safely on your beautiful head and continue to maintain a healthy, shiny head of hair! Following these x tips can lead you on the right track and help you stay there.

1. Use the right shampoo for you. Everyone has different hair with different specific needs. Finding the right shampoo for your hair, especially if you suffer from hair loss, is the best way to keep it nourished and healthy, without drying out your hair. Cleansing and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners should be used in moderation to avoid damaging your hair.

2. Add some power food to your diet. Certain foods are great for strengthening your hair, including but not limited to sunflower seeds, spinach, eggs, and green tea! Including these foods and other that are big on nutrients that help your hair will reduce your risk and strengthen your roots and thin, breakable strands.


3. Avoid heat products. I know, asking this seems impossible, especially for girls with unruly locks. Curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers can cause thinning and breakage in your hair, especially with excessive use. While protective sprays and gels can help, it also causes excess build-up on your hair that can also lead to losing it. Just cut back, you don’t have to throw out your styling tools forever. You can always try and install nano ring hair extensions from time to time!


4. Take a step back. Sometimes stress in high amounts can play on your health, including your hair. Losing hair suddenly in small but noticeable amounts could be chalked up to extra stress in your life. If you’re losing sleep or having symptoms of anxiety and depression, it’s probably related to your stress levels.

5. Wash your hair less. This one might not apply to everyone, especially if you’ve just gotten your dreads taken out and you’re working on restoring your hair. Washing your hair daily can be harmful to your scalp and strands, so keep it to twice or three times a week. Be sure to only apply shampoo to your roots and avoid the delicate ends of your hair, too.

Dealing with hair loss can be an embarrassing struggle, especially if you’re young and don’t feel that it’s related to aging. Trying out these methods can help, but if you still don’t see any sort of improvement, you may want to visit a doctor and discuss alternative options for you going forward. Sometimes women are prescribed extra hormones to help in these areas. There will always be a solution, so even if you don’t find it immediately, don’t give up! Keep searching and working towards being the best, beautiful you that you can be.

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