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10 Things To Keep In Mind If You Are In A Serious Relationship

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Tinder, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish: these are just a few of the “dating” apps that have created a torrential downpour of DTF men and women looking for nothing more than a nice romp, never to speak again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s refreshing to have a little fun now and then, but what if you’re finally ready for something more? You found someone you like, and they just might like you back, but how can you tell? Here are 10 surefire ways to know he’s definitely into you for more than just your body.

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The rules of wearing jewelry

Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. People are paying more and more attention on health. In the past, wearing jewelry was for the sake of good looks. Now, not only for good looks but also for choosing healthy and comfortable accessories. In fact, the healing effects of different materials are different. Let us explain the health effects of gold, silver, pearl and treasure.

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How to Moisturize Natural Hair Daily

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Keeping your hair moisturized is one of those effective ways that you can help guarantee quality and healthy hair. There are various benefits of having moisturized hair, key among them is that moisturized hair leads to enhanced hair growth. While moisturizing natural hair comes with numerous benefits to your hair, keeping your hair moisturized can be quite of a challenging task. In this article, we go into details to find out what you can do to help keep your hair natural moisturized every day. To find out more keep reading this article.

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OOTD: Queen Of The Knight

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Today’s post is going to short and sweet. I am so honoured to be working with Nina who is the brain behind the luxury brand Nina Knight. She designs the most amazingly colourful handbags. They are so vibrant, whimsical and stand out from every other bag I’ve ever owned. It is truly one of a kind. The Eliana crossbody piece I’m wearing in this post was inspired by her daughter. How sweet is that?! I truly feel like a queen when I bring out my Nina Knight bag. If you love a pop of colour to your outfits, then Nina’s bags are for you. They are so well made with high-quality materials and definitely worth the investment. Every time I’ve worn this bag, I’ve been asked where it’s from. Be sure to check out the Nina Knight collection and be on the lookout …

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Travelling To Vietnam? Discover These Expert Tips From Tour Specialists

If you are off to Vietnam, we salute you! Even though it seems like the less popular version of Thailand, it has just as much if not more to offer budding travellers. As it is lesser travelled, it’s important to do some background research and reading up before making concrete plans.

By following the expert tips, you can discover the best things to do to make the most of your time and save money whilst in Vietnam. There can be common mistakes one can make when visiting the country so this article will help point you in the right direction.

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OOTD: Looking ‘Prems’ in ASOS Premium

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Well, it’s ASOS DESIGN but it doesn’t rhyme with ‘prems’ so premium it is… 🤷’Prems’ by the way is Cameroon slang for ‘looking fire!’.

Ever stumbled across one of those very elusive clothing items? I mean one of those items you instantly want as soon as you set eyes on. But sadly, they are never in stock in your size. Or in any size for that matter. Like NEVER EVER. So you set up some form of surveillance on that item because now you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE IT. This ASOS DESIGN Premium cutwork midi skirt with bamboo buckle is that it item for me.


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Timeless Diamond Jewelry Trends

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A popular old saying goes that diamonds are forever and it has held for quite some time. When you get hold of a piece of a real diamond, you never want to let go. However, old sayings aside, the new trends of wearing diamond in the 21st century cannot be compared to Victorian times.

The best part is that, while trends come and go, these diamond jewelry trends will keep for a long time to come. These are some of the latest diamond trends that have hit 2019 by a storm.

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Foundations for Fun Times – Family Finances

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Do you ever look at people in their early twenties, or even their teens, and think how jealous you are that payday for them means dividing their spends into how much money they’re taking out with them to bars and clubs each weekend? That careless and wild freedom seems a lifetime ago now. We all have to grow up at some point. Parenthood is an eye opener like no other. Family finances require thought. All of a sudden there are considerations beyond your own simple wants and needs – because there’s someone much more important to think of! I’ve been thinking about how to prepare for the future, how to build the foundations for fun times, and that all comes down to finances. So. Let’s look at a couple of ways to make sure that the plan goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

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