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B O Y  M U M: To all the mommas kicking ass out there, happy Mother’s Day to you! The hardest and most rewarding job ever 👸🏾💪🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾 #happymothersday❤️#boymum

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B R E A T H E: One thing I am loving about staying in all day is get to let my skin breathe and take a break from wearing daily makeup. Getting my money’s worth from all the hyaluronic acid masks I’ve been hoarding 👐🏽 💦 #stayhydrated

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N E W T R A L S: More than anything, it’s the uncertainty about this whole situation that worries me. Never been a fan of the unknown. Hope you all are staying safe and keeping the mind active and stimulated in new ways. For introverts like me, this is a walk in the park 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ph by @scarlettstvns

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F E E L I N G  B R A I D Y: Braids are falling my name but when I think of the SKRESS that I go through to get them done, that feeling summers down almost immediately 😅😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Ph by @scarlettstvns .#happyFriday #HaveALazyOne 😊

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P R E S S I N G  O N: The day I decided to stick with acrylics was the day one of my press-on nails fell on the damn table in the train and everyone ( including me ) FROZE! I was out of there like, that ain’t mine, see ya never !👋🏾 🥴😩😭 Ph @arewaphotograph

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Au Naturel: My Top 10 Natural Dos

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Having recently cut my hair for the second time, I have started to notice some rather beautiful short and/or natural hairstyles. I must admit the temptation to go completely au naturel and grow my ‘fro out is very high. This post is for and about women who are truly beautiful. Embracing their roots and rocking the natural look to the max. Many of us tend to skip from weave to weave (which is one of the main causes of an early and unwanted receding hairline by the way) because we do not know how to style our natural looks. We have no clue what to do with our bounty locks so we hide them under a weave. Sometimes our hair needs a well-deserved break. It would be nice to let the hair breathe sometimes. And the funny thing is most people actually look way prettier in their own hair. That’s why it’s your hair. Made especially for you to suit you…Okay am not going to write a natural hair commercial but even though it takes a little time and effort, still I think it’s worth a try. Here are 10 sizzling sisters who are doing it natural. They are seriously inspiring and very beautiful in their unique looks.

PS: This is NOT in  order of preference. (I couldn’t pick a number one!)

10. Erykah Badu This ‘Queen of Neo-Soul’ is an American recording producer and actress. She is a very outspoken and controversial singer. Badu is known for her outlandish hairstyles and for wearing very large and colourful headwraps.

9. Lira She is a multi-platinum and award winning South African Afro-Soul singer. She refers to her music as “a fusion of soul, funk, elements of jazz and African.” Which is exactly what she represents.

8. Corinne Bailey Rae She is a Grammy Award winning British singer-songwriter from Leeds whose style sense is as unique as her music itself.

7. Chrisette Michelle is an American R&B and soul singer songwriter who has won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. She also wins my award for ‘shaving off her mane and still looking amazingly fly.’

6. Esperanza Spalding is a very impressive American bassist and jazz singer who became the first jazz artist to win a Grammy Award (Best New Artist) in 2011. She keeps it real in her well-kept voluminous fro.

5. Janelle Monae This American Grammy nominee  singer, songwriter and dancer is above creative. From her bizarre  conceptual songs/music videos, to her skip rope dance moves,  to her monochrome sense of style to her signature pompadour hair styles…I just can’t get enough of her:)

4. Kaone Kario Not every woman can rock a near to bald look and still look drop dead gorgeous. Kaone Kario is one of the stunning few who can get away with keeping it daringly short and still be a stunner. The Botswana born beauty was discovered when she won the Nokia Face of Africa in 2005. She is currently a presenter for Face of Africa. Now, that is one woman who makes me want to strip my head of all its hairs…

3. Nneka She’s a Nigerian/German singer songwriter. She is a very opinionated artist and most of her lyrical content has strong political references. Her soul tunes have made as big an impression on me as her natural moods.

2. Solange Knowles is an American recording artist, singer, actress, DJ, model…This multi-talented soul singer asserted her personality when she drastically upgraded her look from chic to Afro Chic . She became an instant style icon and inspiration for other natural sisters like yours truly.Since then she has switched several natural looks from low cut to natural curls to braids…What can she not pull off?  I heart this girl!

1. India.Arie is a Grammy award winning neo-soul singer, songwriter and recording producer. With tunes like ‘Brown Skin’ and ‘I’m Not My Hair’ we sure wouldn’t expect this soul inspiration to be any less expressive in her style choices. With the most soul touching lyrics and the most natural styles, India.Arie has got me stuck on her personality big time. Simply ca’t get enough of this real and down to earth woman. She puts the ‘dark brown’ in chocolate and the smile on my face 🙂 She is an excellent example of ‘letting your inner beauty shine through to bring out the true and beautiful you.’ Sorry for my tendency to rant. This woman simply amazes me:)


And there you have it. My top 10 natural hair icons. How many of you found this article inspiring enough to want to try going ‘au naturel’??? Please let me know. Maybe we can make our own natural photo gallery and follow up progress. Hehe.

and yes, I am fully aware it requires a few tricks to keep that natural glam and glowing. But it is NOT magic. That is why there is a follow up article on how to start and maintain your natural look. Thanks for reading my post. Hope it inspired you to try something like am about to do.








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  • Tiki
    August 16, 2011

    Nice one! Been thinking of going natural, but it’s so hard. I’m sure u noticed that all of your ladies are in entertainment…for those of us in the professional world, it’s much harder to go natural and look as polished as you are expected to look. I’ve only been natural 4 months and it’s already a real drag! oh well,i’ve promised myself i’ll try it for a year at least…let’s see what gives.
    BTW, I absolutely dig India Arie…her song ‘I Am Not My Hair’ got me started on my ‘natural’ journey!

  • theafrikanblog
    January 2, 2012

    this is an awesum blog entry.

  • audrina1759
    March 26, 2012

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