Art Becomes You: First Giveaway!

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Hey guys! Hope you’re having the best Friday ever!  TGIF right??!
So Art Becomes You, my virtual baby, turns one on June 22nd 2012. Which is the day I published my first blog post under this domain name. Can’t believe my blog is going to be a year old soon.
So much has gone into it all this, but a blog is NOTHING without its readers. Am glad to have all of you supporting my blog. Thanks a gazillion!
For this reason am inviting all my readers far and wide to celebrate with me.
And what better way to celebrate than a GIVEAWAY? Giving is the best stress-reliever in the world. It will work wonders for your soul:)
Now I know I have readers from Europe, America and Africa so coming up with a gift that anyone can access was tricky. But no distance is long enough for a good giveaway! This is what I have come up with.
Stakes:  A whooping £10 Gift Voucher at ASOS! (For any readers in the Americas or Europe or any country where you can shop ASOS online).
  £10 worth of airtime credit (For users in Africa who use the Orange or MTN mobile networks).
I think that about covers everyone. But if you do not fall in this category, drop me an email and I’ll add different options.
Now, how do we win that gift?
Simple. Since my blog is for the most part about fashion, I want to see all my fierce readers put their best pics forward.  Anyone can submit only ONE picture of themselves. No portraits (as this is not a beauty contest). We must see at least your torso (up to waist area). Full head-to-toe pictures tend to have an advantage. You will email all pictures to or attach it as a file and email me on the Art Becomes You Facebook page.
Need I say no nude pictures?
Submissions have begun as of now and will end midnight on June 19th. I will upload the pictures on Facebook On the 20th of June and voting will close at noon on 22 June 2012 (the actual birthday) and the winner shall be announced! Pictures will be uploaded at the same time so no pictures get any advantage.
The picture with the most likes takes the loot home. Simple as that.
So get your friends, family, enemies, classmates, exes and neighbours to LIKE our picture if you have submitted one!
They have to Like the Art Becomes You facebook page first before liking your picture. Their votes WILL NOT count if they do not like the page. So make sure you specify that the LIKE my page. (Obviously, the person going in for the competition must like my page as well).
Guys, this is NOT A BEAUTY CONTEST, it’s all about SWAG. So if you got it, post it!
Below are examples of pictures that are acceptable:
Portraits or head shots are NOT ACCEPTED.
Pictures that show up to your torso or waist area will be ACCEPTED.
Upside down pictures will be ACCEPTED. As long as the voters know what they are looking at!
ACCEPTED! You can pose however you want.
ACCEPTED. Full body shots will elicit more votes generally as people like to see your full outfit.
Hope I have covered everything. If there are any adjustments to be made, I will state them asap. But as of now, good luck to all my fierce fashionistas and let the submissions begin!
For any questions text: +447835476378
or email:
visit Art Becomes You to get inspiration.
Peace n Love 🙂

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Art Becomes You: First Giveaway!

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