An Essential Style Guide for Designer Rings

Designer rings are no different to designer garments, in as much as the item has been designed from scratch and put together by a professional. If a man has marriage on his mind and is soon to pop the question, he might consider having the ring custom made, which is the perfect way to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage. There are, of course, many styles, and with that in mind, here are a few that are popular for customised diamond engagement rings.


The Claw Setting

When looking at unique engagement rings for her, the claw setting is very popular as it lifts the stone, making it look more prominent. Typically, four or five metal prongs that hold the stone in place, claw settings can catch on clothing and can even loosen over time. Durability is a factor you should always consider when thinking about a ring design, especially with an engagement ring, which will be worn continuously. Also known as a “prong setting”, this is the traditional way to set stones into a ring.


The Bezel Setting

If you want to certain that the diamond(s) do not come loose, a bezel setting is the preferred choice. The frame actually wraps itself around the stone, offering the best form of protection, while a deeper bezel will take some of the light away from the stone, which is why a half-bezel of often selected.

The Channel Setting

Another popular style, the channel setting sits the diamonds in a carefully shaped groove, which is also common with wedding bands. Brilliant cut stones offer the best light refraction and with either platinum or gold, the channel style setting offers a clean and functional design. If you would like to explore the potential of having the ring designed by a professional jeweller, an online search is the best way to locate a good designer jeweller.

Cluster Settings

If you prefer something intricate, a cluster style setting might be your best option. Several smaller stones arranged around the central diamond can really showcase the stone, and there are endless shape designs, depending on her taste in jewellery. Cluster designs can catch on fabric, so make sure you go for a durable design and one that holds the stones securely.

The Bar Setting

This is similar to a channel setting, with the exception of having tiny metal bars that separate the stones and hold them firmly in position. If you like the idea of straight lines and rows, this is the design for you. A thick design that is suitable for many small stones that can be lined up in a variety of ways, the bar setting is ideal for the modern woman who has an outgoing personality.

The Internet is always a good source of information and if you would like to view endless ring designs, a Google image search will give you some inspiration, and once you have found the right design, an online search will help you find a jeweller who can replicate the design.


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An Essential Style Guide for Designer Rings

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