Afric’Art: Sika Designs -Labyrinth Collection

The Ghanaian label and London-based Sika Designs recently released their new  S/S 2012 collection named Labyrinth. Since 2006, Phyllis Taylor who is the brain behind the designs has been really consistent  with the kind of designs she puts out. I applaud her genius because each collection she puts out gives us butterflies and gets people talking. African-inspired designs are becoming quite the trend in the diaspora so I am not surprised at the positive reception miss Phyllis is getting.  Sika Designs is  stylish and wearable clothing range collaborating exeptional West African textiles with the trend and styles of London’s urban chic. The Labyrinth Collection has been getting a lot of buzz. In my opinion, I love how she mixes the prints and different textures together. Also I love the name ‘Labyrinth’ but I don’t see how it plays into this collection. Is a labyrinth not supposed to be a maze or something complicated like that? I find some of the pieces to be quite pricey as well. But what can I say, I cannot draw a stick figure to save my life. She earned it. Sika designs is one of the most anticipated African designs on the market. Let’s see how you react to these pieces. Which is your favourite piece? Visit their online boutique here to shop these looks.
Lab Shirt Dress, £99
Lola Dress, £110
Anna Silk Top, £85
Sahara Dress, £159
Daisy Dress, £169
Flow Skirt, £69
Kayla Dress, £95
Fitted Mini Skirt, £69
Hanna Dress, £110
Lab Play suit, £89
Taylor Dress, £95
Bronte Trousers, £69
I need the Diasy dress in my closet! What about you?
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  • Nancy
    April 27, 2012

    I so love this collection it is simple yet chic

  • Muse Origins
    April 29, 2012

    These designs are just lovely. I really like the styling