ABY Life: I Was On The Wendy Williams TV Show!

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So I was featured on Wendy Williams TV Show….***Squealing****

Here’s how it happened:

Someone who works on The Wendy Show contacted me on Instagram and said the loved my #LittleWhiteDress outfit as seen below. And they would like to feature it on the show during the Wendy InstaGlam segment. I was like yeah, do whatever. LOL. You know how Instagram is, fake impostors here and there. But I still submitted the picture and gave my consent anyway. What did I have to loose right?

The next day, before I knew it I had an array of messages saying we’ve just seen you on Wendy’s show? I’m going, WHAAAT?! No way. I never win anything. This outfit wasn’t even an OUTFIT. The picture quality isn’t even great. If I had to pick a photo of myself to air on National TV I wouldn’t pick this one, the American audience can scrutinize for Jesus I no want receive insults oh…but what do I know? When blessings come, ALWAYS expect a shocker.

We were out having dinner for Sandrine’s birthday in April. I was having a Marilyn Monroe moment in that white dress and they loved it!

I haven’t seen the show because it was only aired yesterday and will probably only air in the UK in a couple of weeks. If you watched the show please I need a screenshot or 15 second clip. Pleaseeee ๐Ÿ™ I think it was the show where Taye Diggs was a guest. Not too sure.

wendy instaglam





Other pictures from that evening:

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#Saturdaynight #whitedress #ootnmagazine

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bday3[1] bday4[1]2 bday8od bday9 bday89e bday2[1] bday3

Lessons I’ve learnt from this:

-There is always someone out there scouring the internet and streets for something or someone to showcase. Watch what you upload. ย Stay representin’.

-I will use Instagram more. Social media is a powerful marketing tool.

-You are your own business card. Live your brand. As soon as I knew they had been to my IG profile, I was going oh gosh. This my dry profile probably won’t impress them. Haha.

-Use the write tags. Tagging your photo helps people find you on Insta. I tagged #LittleWhiteDress and that’s what left a trail. If you see me over tagging as from on, don’t say I didn’t warn ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks @WendyWilliamsShow for making my day and thanks @SandrineAbega for throwing the birthday party. Thank God for putting a smile on my face.


PS: I’m still waiting for video snippets especially form all my US based friends.

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Love & Light

Lydie xx



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  • versicolorcloset
    June 26, 2014

    Congrats doll. U look great so this is well deserved.

    I need to start using that hashtag ASAP lol

    • MsAidyl
      June 26, 2014

      thanks hun. that’s sweet of you. get into those hashtags!

  • sahndra
    June 26, 2014


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ABY Life: I Was On The Wendy Williams TV Show!

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