About That Curly Life! (My DYhair777 Review)

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Hey lovely ABY readers 🙂 Have you all had a productive weekend? I spent mine doing a little bit of DIY in the kitchen. Getting my Dyhair777 dyed into a beautiful blonde highlight. More like BRONDE 😉 Now I’m all set for some protective styling which really is another way of naturals saying we need a break from twisting our hair 😉

This company sent me this Brazilian curly 100% natural human hair to review a few weeks ago and I promised to give my honest opinion.

My first impression of the packaging was, cute! I love the little gift bag it cam in. Well wrapped and I will be keeping it to sue for my other hair bits because I have them lying around everywhere!

dyhair777 human hair 1

They shipped the hair to me via courier (DHL) so it’s pretty fast. pretty much 1-3 days. When they approached me, I told them I had totally gone off weaves but if I was going to get anything sewn onto my scalp, it would be curls. I selected this Brazilian curly hair in 16 ” lace closure, 20 inches x 2 and 22 inches. The hair doesn’t look as look to me as I expected but that’s probably because it’s curly. We’ll see how it looks on!

Well, the true test of good hair is the colour test. I tried on some Queen Bey sass for size and opted for honey blonde highlights. I used L’Oréal Préférence

Glam Bronde dye. I’ve seen that advert on TV so much (with J’Lo) it’s the first thing I remembered when I walked into Boots looking for hair colour.

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The curls stayed exactly the same after dyeing and shampooing. Also there was little or no shedding. Apart from leaving the dye on for about 40 mins, it literally took me about 15 mins to get this done. So quick and smooth.  Ihate when hair feels heavy with too much oil so I used a drop of argan oil by Crème of Nature after shampooing and air-drying. I haven’t used any heat on this hair.

dyhair777 03r dyhair777 097n dyhair 77 brazilian natural kinky hair dyhair777 90o

Yummy! I love the colour on this. That Bronde dye is the absolute ISH by the way. I will re-dye these black after a while but for now am so ready to wear these bouncy golden curls. My girl Renee is laying my hair tomorrow so I will post an update this week!

Do you love what you see, head on to Dyhair777 and treat your yourself to some quality human hair at fab prices! Don’t forget to use this code 778101 to get $10 OFF!

If you have any more questions please drop them below.

Good night folk!




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