A Guide on How Best to Wear a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

Of all the various shapes, it is no surprise that pear-shaped diamond rings are very popular today, as this shape is very close to the shape of a heart. The symmetry of a pear-shaped ring is another attractive feature that people look for when thinking about buying an engagement ring, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how best to wear a pear-shaped diamond ring.

Tip Pointing Down

The most common position for a pear-shaped diamond ring is to have the point facing down when the ring is worn. The pear cut is a traditional way of shaping a diamond. There are many beautiful rings you can get at https://www.aedesignjewellery.com.au/ a leading Australian jeweller who can also customise the ring to your specifications.


Choosing the Right Setting

This is the key to a pear-shaped ring and the prong setting is an ideal way to present the stone, and the more prongs you have, the safer the stone is, although you lose a lot of visibility with too many prongs. Typically, the number of prongs for a pear-shaped diamond ring is 4 or 5, and often a V-shaped prong is added to strengthen the point. A large diamond, on the other hand, might require up to 8 prongs, which can be shaped to enhance the look of the ring and by discussing the finer points with a custom jewellery maker, the ring can be made to perfectly suit your requirements.

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The Halo Setting

The halo setting for a pear-shaped diamond is both stylish and glamorous, with the halo setting protecting the central stone. This setting actually makes the central stone seem a lot bigger than it really is. On the downside, the halo setting can be very difficult to keep clean, as dirt finds its way into the tiny nooks and crannies, but if you are determined to have this type of setting, there are ways to safely clean the ring, which your jeweller would explain.

The Bezel Setting

This offers the best form of protection for the diamond, as the entire stone is wrapped in a metal casing, and this is also easy to keep clean. A bezel setting can make a stone look smaller than it really is and due to the nature of the bezel, the visibility of the stone is compromised to some degree.

A Guide on How Best to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

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Tension Settings

As the name suggests, a tension setting holds the diamond in place without the need for prongs or clasps and without any metal covering the edges, the stone can be seen in all its glory. A tension setting will have the effect of making the stone look larger than it really is. The ring will be very easy to clean as there are no intricate metal prongs to be cleaned.

Choosing a pear-shaped engagement ring does give you a range of options and with the jeweller’s help, you are sure to end up with a superb ring that is fitting to be a symbol of your eternal love.

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A Guide on How Best to Wear a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

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