8 Beautiful Retail Shop Design Hacks

How many times have you entered a store simply because it looked interesting and aesthetically pleasing? And how many times have you exited one because you just didn’t feel comfortable there?

When you come to think of it, our surroundings have a major influence on whether we will do something or not, and whether we will buy something or not, in this case. So, if your sales haven’t been thriving lately, maybe your store design is to blame!

Whether we admit it or not, we are vain creatures and we want to be surrounded by beautiful things, don’t we? However, if your store is not yet the most beautiful version of itself yet, there is no need to despair – this is something that can be quickly fixed.

If you make sure to make the best out of our list of these eight helpful tips, that is!

The first thing that you have to make sure to do is to decide on a budget. Making your retail shop a place where your customers will want to spend their money and where they will feel comfortable does not have to be the most expensive thing you’ll have to do.

However, you should decide how much money you are willing to spend on this project nonetheless. You don’t want to get caught up in overspending just because you haven’t planned out this undertaking, do you?

  1. Redesign your storefront!

We rarely give this any thought, but walking past by a storefront usually takes about eight seconds. This means that you have eight seconds or less to give your future customers something interesting that will lure them into your store!

The best way to design your storefront is to pay extra attention to making your display colorful and informational when it comes to any special offers or sales you may be having at the given moment. And remember, your storefront should be as dazzling at night, too!

2. Pay attention to ‘the decompression zone’!

The decompression zone is considered to be one of the most important factors when it comes to people deciding whether they will spend money at a store or not. This ‘zone’ is actually the first few feet of the shop and it the place where your customers decide if they are comfortable in your store or not.

The best thing to do when designing your decompression zone is to make it light and roomy. This will allow your customers to see your space better and to decide which products they are interested in and which ones they will check out later.

3. ‘The Power Wall’

If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘the power wall’ is the first wall your customers will come across when they enter the store. This wall has to feature your best products because it will encourage your customers to go further throughout the store.

You could also decorate it with your brand logo or anything else that seems suitable!

4. Accessibility

There are few people in the world who can say that they are comfortable with being touched by strangers while browsing through merchandise in a store. This is called the ‘butt-brush’ effect and it is something that can make your future customers regret having walked into your store!

So, you should make sure that your aisles have enough space between them to fit at least three people at the same time. Another important thing to keep in mind is whether people with pushchairs, mobility scooters, and wheelchair can move around freely around your store! Remember, your store is only as good as your shoppers feel in it!

5. Consider cross-merchandising

If you find that not all of your products are selling at the speed you would want them to, you can try cross-merchandising. So, create a combination of your merchandise that you notice shoppers often buy together, reduce the price, and place lots of signs around the store marketing this special offer. For example, a child mannequin and a sewing mannequin make a great combination, so make sure to combine such products on your own!

6. Incorporate a waiting area

Place some benches or comfy seats around your store in order to make sure that your shoppers will spend some extra time there. The secret is to place the waiting area facing some of the merchandise, which will make even the people who weren’t interested in making a purchase pay attention to your merchandise!

7. Seasonality

Running a retail shop means planning out everything in great detail. This also means that you should stack up on decorations and pay attention to making your window display inviting and festive, depending on the season, of course!

8. Keep repeating all of these steps!

Making your store a place where shoppers feel at home is not something you just do – you have to keep doing it in order to keep your customers coming back! This is a neverending process, but it a process that will ensure your retail shop’s success nonetheless!

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