6 Ways To Calm Your Sensitive Skin

Understanding your skin’s needs plays a very important role in skincare. You have to get to know your skin so that you can understand how it would go with certain beauty products like Mizon. Every skin type is unique and it’s important to listen to your individual needs rather than go with the general and popular skin care opinion.

There are a lot of people whose skin handle most beauty product ranges, whilst there are some who have sensitive skin that needs specialist products. Sensitive skin easily gets redness and irritation once something harsh is applied to it. People with sensitive skin need hypoallergenic beauty products and accessories in order to prevent flare-ups and irritations.
Here are some simple ways to calm your sensitive skin and prevent more problems:
1.  Switch to a milder cleanser
Some cleansers contain harsh chemicals in them that are meant to effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oil. However, people with sensitive skin need to cleanse their skin even more than those with regular skin types. Consider using cleansing milk instead of facial toners are too harsh on your skin. Most people opt for cleansing balms for their nightly skincare routine.
2. Cut back on exfoliating
Exfoliating is an important part of skin care because it gets rid of dead skin cells to make way for healthier skin cells. Exfoliating creams or scrubs have acids that enable these products to clear out dead skin cells. Most people with sensitive skin are allergic to salicylic acid, lactic acid or digestive enzymes so it’s important that they limit the usage to once or twice a week.
3.  Opt for gentle masks
Gel masks reduce the appearance of breakouts. Those with coconut milk soothe blemishes and refreshing cucumbers calm irritated skin. These could keep your skin cool, calm and even under control. Stay away from formulas with harsh ingredients since there are a lot of organic and natural masks available. Look out for cucumber, avocado and aloe vera in your masks.
4.  Use soothing serums
Serums help to rebuild your skin’s barriers with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties since sensitive skin react more when it’s dry and irritated. Using serums will help you protect your sensitive skin from outside elements like dirt and smoke. Opt for a calming, cooling and soothing serum.
5. Add a barrier repair product
To treat an impaired skin barrier, opt for a water-gel formulation and step away from moisturizers that would multitask on your skin. A water gel formulation can also control and protect skin. The impaired skin barrier can be healed with antioxidants, continuous hydration, reduce inflammation and the use of sunscreen and supplements. If in doubt, see a skin expert.
6.  Choose SPF wisely
Contrary to popular belief, all skin types and colours need sunscreen throughout the year. It is especially necessary for those with sensitive skin to use sunscreen to lessen the irritation of the skin. Most sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which the skin can tolerate. If your skin very pale and is sensitive, it needs a higher SPF. Be sure to use one that is easy to layer on under your moisturiser or makeup if needed.
Most people with sensitive skin would just avoid wearing products that irritate their skin. It’s impossible to know all the products we’re sensitive to. Some people develop a sensitivity after long periods of use. Others have an instant reaction to a product. Whatever the case, keep an eye out for any changes in your skin and be sure to apply the above tips if you do encounter any of these issues.

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6 Ways To Calm Your Sensitive Skin

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