6 Dangers of Choosing Shoes That Aren’t Right for You and What You’re Doing

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In the name of fitting into the fashion trends, we often tend to make fashion mistakes that we later regret. However, wearing ill-fitting shoes is one mistake that has more severe side effects than a mere cringe-worthy photo.

Many people make the mistake of wearing ill-fitting shoes and suffer consequences like calluses, blisters, and corns. However, there are other more severe side effects such as falling, foot deformities and even an inability to walk independently.

So, while it may seem like a significant decision, walking around in a pair of cute shoes just to look ‘good’ could result in something more serious than a small blister. You can be promoting a potentially long term foot problem. What’s more, even seemingly sensible shoes can cause problems further down the line.

If you have pain when you wear certain shoes, no matter how sensible the shoes may seem, you could be at risk. Remember that your shoe size can change depending on the shoe itself and that your shoe size can also change as you age.

Still convinced that you aren’t doing much harm by wearing a poorly fitted shoe? Then you need to take a look at this list of the eight dangers of wearing ill-fitted footwear.

  1.    Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy has been evident in studies examining the effects of poorly fitted shoes. In 2017, a study examined a set of seniors that had a history of calluses, corns and other signs of poorly fitted shoes. These corns and calluses develop from the pressure placed onto the foot. According to the study, 86% had been wearing the incorrect shoe size. Moreover, almost 40% of those patients had signs of peripheral neuropathy. This condition causes painful. Sensations in the feet and is characterized by the pins and needles sensation as well as a decreased ability to sense or feel where their feet actually were.

  1.    Deformities

In 2018, a study examined the connection between shoes, feet and connected issues. The review included people from all ages and also included people that had already been diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who did not have a history of medical issues.

The results indicated that more than 60% of the participants did not have properly fitted shoes.

The results further indicated that those with improper shoes had pain, corns, calluses, and hammer toes.

  1.    Overall Life Quality

Living with pain can significantly affect the overall quality of a person’s life. If you have pain when you are on your feet, you will be less inclined to join enriching social activities, and your family life can suffer as well. You may be hesitant to exercise, which can damage your overall health as well.

  1.    Losing Independence

If you consistently wear poorly fitted shoes, you risk losing your independence once you reach old age. This is because certain resulting foot conditions can lead to an inability to rely on your feet, and you can become prone to falling and lose your independent mobility.

  1.    Metatarsalgia

This is a condition that results in pain in the ball of the foot. Unlike many other foot problems associated with wearing shoes that are ill-fitted, or that are too small, this condition does not leave any physical signs that it is developing. With metatarsalgia, components in the foot such as nerves and bones become damaged from wearing shoes that are too tight.

  1. Morton’s Neuroma

If you are experiencing numbing in your feet, burning toes or tingling feet, then you could be at risk of Morton’s Neuroma. With this condition, the sheath surrounding the nerves can thicken in response to poorly fitted shoes. When you are seeking out new shoes, it is best to get the insight of a professional. This way, you can avoid purchasing the wrong footwear for your feet, and you can avoid risking damage to your feet.

When shopping for new shoes online, be sure to visit trusted shoe suppliers like AlegriaShoeShop.com that offers you quality shoes and guides to choosing the right shoes.

Whether you are shopping for a new shoe online or browsing a store, you should always ask for assistance in finding the right shoe for your foot. If you are already experiencing problems like the ones listed above, then you should seek out the advice of a qualified professional such as a Certified Pedorthist. When you visit a Certified Pedorthist, be sure to make an appointment for the later afternoon so that the specialist can see your feet when they are swollen after the day and at their largest size.

How to Find the Correct Shoe

When you seek out a professional expert for a shoe fitting, you will have your feet measured. This is the only way that you can be sure to find the best fitting shoes for your feet. You will need to measure both the width as well as the length of your foot. While these measurements will help you in finding the correct shoe size, you need to bear in mind that all brands and styles of shoes may require a different size. So it is best if you can try on the shoe, feel how your feet feel within the shoes and then make your decision. Never rely solely on the numbers.

You should have just enough room between the shoe and the end of your longest toe, approximately half the width of your thumb. If your feet are pushing against the side of the shoe, then you should look for wider shoes. Furthermore, take care to avoid shoes that cause immediate friction for your feet. If you feel pressure on your heels or the top and tips of your toes, then that is not going to be a smart decision for your feet, and you will suffer further down the line.

Our feet carry us on a daily basis. Therefore it is crucial to give them shoes that fit well.

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6 Dangers of Choosing Shoes That Aren’t Right for You and What You’re Doing

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