5 Tricky Ways To Make Designer Clothing More Affordable


If you can’t live without designer made clothing, but you also struggle with your finances – no need to worry or stress. Some cool and super easy tricks will help you afford any clothing with a super famous brand name a lot cheaper! Intrigued? Let’s get to those tricks right away and let’s learn that super stylish and high-quality clothing don’t have to be expensive at all!

Buy only those items that can be worn for many coming seasons. It is crucial to do that because every new season designers are trying new trends that usually don’t last for long. Buying the hottest and the trendiest clothing pieces in the line will cost you tons of money. And that won’t pay off at all because the next season it will be all out of style. So, the logical solution would be buying only those pieces that you consider being classic looking and can be worn for coming two or three seasons. And then investing in real designer clothing will be easier too.


Subscribe to upcoming flash sales. On the internet, there are a few pretty great websites that occasionally have so-called ‘flash sales’ you can hit while shopping for designer made clothing. Usually, then the sale is on, prices on the most famous brand lines are so small it would be a sin not to buy it. But since it is a flash sale – it last only for a very short period. So, if you want not to miss these great sales, you need to subscribe to alert emails or messages that will inform you of those glorious future sales. This way you will always get a chance to get the hottest pieces at a very affordable price range.

Shopping off-season can also be a great option for you. Off-season sales are pretty good time to get your desired items at a lot lower price. So, if you were dreaming about Victoria’s Secret swimwear – September or October is the right time to shop for it! But take notice that this trick should always be compared with the first one. Buying classical and timeless pieces you can wear for the next coming season is the only way to go in this case. Otherwise, you will purchase yourself tons of soon-to-be out of style pieces you won’t even wish to wear.

Couponing can be another great option for you to get a great discount on designer clothing. Yes, you might not find a coupon to shop directly at Prada or Dior, but don’t worry, you can surely find hundreds of discount coupons for these luxury brands to shop via Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. Savings all year long guaranteed!

Believe it or not, but at some second-hand stores you can find pretty great designer made clothing too! And the best part is that you will indeed save money on that because at these stores everything is cheaper without any questions asked. Moreover, at these stores, there are usually very classical and timeless pieces you can wear for many upcoming seasons. So, give second-hand stores a shot. You might be very surprised how much you can save and how many great clothing you can find there.


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