5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Groom


Usually, talking about finding the perfect wedding bands means looking for something for the bride. But, today, men also like fashionable rings that they can cherish for years to come. Here are our top tips on finding the best ring for your man.

1. Set Your Budget

It may not be romantic, but you do need to set a realistic budget for your man’s ring. It helps to eliminate the frustration of loving a wedding band that is beyond your means.

2. Consider His Lifestyle

It’s important to think about your guy’s lifestyle when picking the perfect ring for him. If he has a labour-intensive and rather hands-on job, you should choose a metal that is hardly enough to take repeated abuse without being damaged too easily. If his hobbies are playing football and wood working, for instance, pick a metal that can withstand the punishment. You can use the following list as guide to help you find high quality diamond wedding rings:

  • Gold – For grooms, 14-karat gold is the best way to go as it is more durable.
  • Silver – This is popular for guy’s rings as it is less expensive and understated than some other metals. But, it isn’t very durable.
  • Titanium – This metal is incredibly durable and also lighter than platinum or gold. Best of all, it’s 100% hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for guys.
  • Platinum – This metal is relatively durable but also pricey. Platinum bands are fairly heavy and a lot of men find them uncomfortable.
  • Palladium – If you want a durable yet less pricey option, choose palladium wedding rings and bands. Rings with Palladium 500 or 950 grade are ideal.
  • Tungsten – Another popular choice with me, this metal is affordable, durable, and light. Be sure to choose a tungsten carbide alloy which will ensure the ring is resistant to scratches.


3. What Is His Personality Like?

Of course, your groom will wear his wedding ring for years to come, so it should match both his personality and his taste. There are men who prefer to wear plain bands that are understated and will suit any occasion. But, even a simple stone can add a bit of bling to your guy’s ring without making it look “too much.” Just a single ruby or diamond can add a little style and class and will still be suitable for everyday wear. If your man has an outgoing and strong personality, he may prefer something a bit flashier, like additional stones or filigree work. It all boils down to taste.

4. Do You Want Your Rings to Complement One Another?

Ideally, both the bride and groom’s wedding rings should work well together. The choices of stone, metals, and styles should be complementary.

5. Have Professional Sizing Done

Having your groom’s ring professionally sized is a must. Most jewellers will do this for free and there is no reason to get the size wrong. If you want his ring to be a surprise for the wedding day, secretly borrow one of his rings and take it with you to the jeweller to match the size.

These days, a groom’s ring is just as big a part of the wedding ceremony as his bride’s ring. While guy’s bands don’t get as much attention, it’s just as important to get it right. Use these five tips to make shopping for your guy’s ring a whole lot easier. Remember to give yourself loads of time and pay attention to these points to find the perfect wedding band for your groom.



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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Groom

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