5 Timeless Fashion and Beauty Trends for Autumn 2019

Time flies fast, doesn’t it? The second-to-the-last quarter of 2019 has transformed the green leaves into hues of yellow and orange. The slight chill in the air is unmistakable as autumn approaches fast.

For some people, it means Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes. Others await fall in anticipation as they bust out their planned outfits for the duration of the season. Although the fashion industry dictates that trends come and go per season, you can still be fashionable by going for timeless looks. Here are some examples:

Timeless Autumn-Fashion Staples

For all intents and purposes, it’s not practical to change everything in your wardrobe every time the seasons change. It’s expensive and time-consuming to replace everything you own because you want to be trendy. Only the most elite fashionistas with unlimited cash and a dozen assistants at their disposal can pull that off.

However, if you’re just a regular, middle-class worker, then you make do with what you have. What most people do would be to cycle their clothes throughout the year and replace the ones that are worn or beyond repair. For clothing and accessories that you don’t use anymore, you can choose to sell extra stuff online for cash. You can use whatever profit you earned to buy new items.

Leather Jacket

Autumn is a welcome reprieve to the heat and humidity of summer. While not everyone loves the cold, thankfully, clothes exist to provide warmth.

The leather jacket has been around for decades as a functional type of garment. Nowadays, it is considered a timeless fashion staple because it can last a long time with proper care.

The leather jacket is best worn during the spring and fall when temperatures are in the in-between range. If you don’t already have a trusty leather jacket, consider getting one. Most high-quality ones cost a pretty penny, but they’re an investment you can count on to make you look good and warm for years to come.


Trench Coat

Like the leather jacket, a trench coat is a timeless piece of clothing. Both are meant to be worn as outerwear, and while they differ in construction, they offer versatility. They are popularly worn during autumn, often layered with other clothes stylishly.

The design of the trench coat has evolved over the years, so there are various styles you can choose from. If you don’t already have one, consider getting one because it is a practical piece of clothing. Stick to neutral and earthy colors if you want to be able to pair your coat with any fall clothing in your closet. If you think reusing the same thing can be repetitive, there are several ways you can style it.

Riding Boots

Although riding boots are initially designed and used for horse riding, they are in fashion because they are both functional and fashionable. The enclosed shoes sufficiently protect the legs from the cold. Most riding boots don’t have heels, so they’re great for strolling around or doing errands on foot because you can stay on your feet for a long time without fear.

Any kind of boots works for fall, but if you want a pair of shoes that will last you for a long time, go for quality instead of fashion. You can find a decent pair of riding boots for under $100.

Timeless Autumn Beauty Staples

Although makeup is subject to whatever aesthetic preference you have, there are beauty styles that remain timeless in autumn.

Dark Lip

No one exactly knows why dark lipstick colors are trendy during the colder seasons. However, they almost always make a comeback year after year. A full bold lip is a statement, so rocking one on a day when you feel less than put together will help bolster your confidence.

As for finding the perfect dark lip, some shades are better for other skin colors. There are varieties of shades to choose from, like dark reds, mulberries, black, and deep blues. Here is an article that will help you find what’s right for you.

Clear, Luminous Skin

You know what never goes out of style no matter what season? Gorgeous, clear skin. Having all the most expensive makeup will help build your look, but it’ll take a lot more effort to keep a ravaged skin under control with foundation and concealer. Instead of covering up, focus on perfecting a skin-care routine so waking up and getting ready to go out are more effortless.

What other timeless beauty and fashion fall trends do you know? Share them below.


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