5 Romantic Things Everyone Should Experience When Visiting Australia

Every romantic soul that is in love daydreams about the perfect holiday with their loved one. The recommendation lists are endless, but if you feel like surprising your partner with an unexpected trip, this time is sure to choose Australia’s most romantic places.

The Romantic side of Melbourne   

Australia’s second biggest city Melbourne is known to be a very friendly and fascinating city. It is rather very popular among the tourist as to be full with a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, and a great night-life.

Romance-filled holiday in the heart of Melbourne will be a perfect choice for you and your partner. Staying in a cozy romantic hotel is the most important component of a joyful vacation celebrating an anniversary, a holiday or simply celebrating love.

What can be more romantic than an old-School diner date? Well, a dinner date served in a vintage surrounding while seeing all of Melbourne’s amazing sites from a charming historical tramcar. Tramcar restaurant will offer you an ultimate experience on wheels. Enjoy a primer selection of Australian wines in a cozy atmosphere for unforgettable moments with your loved one.

Having a lovely dinner with your partner while riding around the city streets of Melbourne, it’s a romantic experience you don’t want to miss.

Sydney Under the Night Sky

Sydney is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The list of exciting attractions, beautiful beaches and places to visit is endless. But, what every romantic soul would enjoy the most is an unforgettable view of the Sydney Harbour.

Finest dining places in Sydney are your ultimate choice for the most romantic dinner, accompanied by the cool summer breeze next to Sydney Harbour. Proceed by taking a cruise to enjoy the most amazing view of the city. A closer look at the most popular building in the world, Sydney Opera House and the amazing Harbour Bridge will mesmerize you and make you feel great.

You can take this experience even further. Moreover, you can make it sightseeing you’ll enjoy even more by renting your own boat. Seek for that hopeless romantic within you and make it a night to remember.

A Flight over the Gorgeous Heart Reef

If planning on making the ultimate romantic gesture, surprising your loved one with an unexpected most marvelous experience, look no further than the best heart-shaped cliché ever. The mesmerizing composition of this naturally-formed, heart-shaped coral will take your partner’s breath away.

It may be just a tiny part of the Whitsundays’ Hardy Reef, but it is an amazing natural wonder with an unbelievable contrast of the colors of nature. Its small size, only 17 meters wide, the scenery of the reed and its surrounding waters are striking. The fact that you can’t actually swim or snorkel due to its protected status provides you with the chance to see marine life from the air.

Flights can be arranged over the reef for a scenic flight flown by an expert pilot, skilled in navigating the area. Moreover, he can fly relatively low aiming for a quality glimpse on the wildlife as well. A safe chance to spot sharks, turtles, manta rays, colorful fishes and much more.

Many tour companies will combine a flight over Heart Reef with other breathtaking spots in the Whitsundays, including Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. Extend your pleasure, with a picnic on the sands for a perfect romantic adventure. Finish it all off with some champagne and kissing.

Are you looking for the place to pop the question? Look no further. 


Sunbathing with kangaroos

Looking for something more adventurous and still very romantic? You and your partner can now take a break from the intensive social life while sharing the beach with the cutest company ever. Have you ever seen an image of a kangaroo lazing around on a beautiful sandy beach? Join them!

Located approximately 50 km east of the Esperance town, Cape Le Grand is one of Western Australia’s best known and most spectacular national parks.

Unimaginable shades of blue, sand so soft and white squeaking between your toes, kangaroos peacefully sunbathing next to you. When you two are the only people around you’ll believe that you have found the heaven on earth!

You can enjoy various activities such as diving, surfing, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, walking or swimming. Hiking up Frenchman peak will reward great adventurers with a breathtaking view of the park and islands in the Recherche Archipelago.

Prepare for a lot of “woah” moments and make lifetime memories shared with your loved one.

Swimming in Pure Water

No photos can do justice to this magical place by the azure-blue lake water. It is one of more than 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island and the most popular among them. Lake McKenzie is one of the few worlds “parched” lakes. Spend some quality time with your partner exploring nature’s amazing wonders.

Well, there is nothing more romantic than the quiet days by the small lake surrounded by the most fascinating nature. It’s a rather unique experience since this lake contains only rainwater which base’s sand and organic matter prevent the water to drain away. The lake is too pure to sustain natural life, therefore, it’s extremely clear giving you the feeling that you are swimming in a large and clean pool.

An entire blue lagoon framed with soft, white sand only for you. It’s nature’s way to welcome romantic lovers.

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