5 Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

You have a lot of options when you are trying to give the woman you love a nice diamond ring. You can pick from a lot of different diamond shapes that you like. Check out any of the five diamond shapes we’ve listed below and you will be happy with the way that you have picked out the engagement ring. You can shop for them right now and you will find something that your loved one can be happy with for a long time.

The Emerald Cut

You can get an emerald cut when you want one, and it is really easy for you to get the design you like when you are trying this cut. Because it is rectangular in shape, it gives you some nice lines and facets. She can wear this with any diamond ring. It also works well when it is set in a thin band.

The Round Cut

The round cut is going to be fun for you because it lets you have something that is simple and traditional. You probably have no idea how many different styles and sizes of the round diamond that you can pick, and you will find out that you can get something that will match your needs. The Diamond Jewellery Studio offers bespoke engagement rings in Brisbane, and you can start to have fun designing a unique ring for your loved one.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut is also a good option because it is more of a square shaped diamond that you can use to make sure that you have something that will reflect a lot of light, and you can get one of these as these are much more helpful when you want to get a large and clear diamond.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

The heart shaped diamond is going to be interesting. You can easily find rings set with heart shaped diamonds when you are shopping in the right places. If you are planning to have a ring custom made, you have to start thinking about how you are going to have the best design.


Oval Shaped Diamonds

The oval shaped diamond is one that will help you fill up a large setting on the engagement ring. Someone who is wearing this for the first time will be amazed at how big it can be, but they will really like the way that it feels to wear this because it is so different. This is a great diamond to choose for an engagement ring. It creates an illusion of a bigger diamond so your loved one will really like receiving a ring with an oval shaped diamond set it in.

Choose from the 5 popular diamond shapes we’ve discussed to make sure that the ring will look great. Talk to a trusted jeweller to know more about the different aspects of the diamond. Knowing about it is going to help you make better choices and you will find out how easy it is for you to get the results that you want no matter when you have shopped for the rings.

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