5 Pieces of Jewellery That Will Help You Feel Amazing for Your First Date

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When you’re getting ready for a first date, wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and attractive is key. If you put on something just for how it looks and don’t take into account your comfort level, you may spend the entire evening busy adjusting your clothing instead of learning about your date. This could make you come across as uninterested. On the other hand, if you wear something only for comfort, then you might come across as a bit slovenly and like you don’t want to be on the date in the first place.

How you accessorize on a first date is also important. You don’t want to wear anything too flashy or over-the-top, but you still want to feel cute. To make it easier to decide on your first date outfit, here are five types of jewelry you can wear that will make you feel great and look great.

  1. A modern, layered necklace

Too much jewelry can be overwhelming and distracting, but a layered necklace can show your personality and perfectly offset your outfit without being too ostentatious.

Right now, we’re loving the look of a rich gold-toned necklace in three layers with a clear, coloured gem on the final tier. The V-shape of the necklace draws the eye to the neck and the minimalist, modern look of the pendants aren’t overwhelming.

  1. A geometric bracelet

Jewellery says a lot about a person. The delicate, clean look of a couple of bangles adorned with one simple geometric design is appealing for a couple of reasons. First, the bracelets add some fashionable appeal to your outfit and second, they draw the eye to the hands and the wrists–something that’s beneficial if you’re especially proud of your wrists or hands. 

  1. A Choker

Chokers are having a huge comeback right now. Chokers can be both sexy and understated, but you need to know how to choose them. Right now, fashionable chokers adorned with gold shells are very popular. Wearing one of these with a black dress or shirt is a great way to offset the gold and looks perfect with a tan. 

  1. A drop pendant necklace

We find drop pendant necklaces so sexy! These incredibly minimalist and beautiful necklaces have only one pendant that sits very low on the chest. They are usually over twenty inches in length and have a unique pendant that’s either a stone or a charm. That doesn’t mean you should wear this necklace with a deep-V shirt, because that is often a bit much for a first date. But you can wear it with a high-necked shirt that will look classy and unique.

  1. Modern drop earrings

We love the look of contemporary drop earrings. The rich gold tones contrasted with a light coloured stone pendant, like mint or pale blue, can look gorgeous. These teardrop-shaped earrings work with any outfit, which makes them ideal for any first date. You can wear them with a sweater or a fancy dress and they will look just as fitting.

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5 Pieces of Jewellery That Will Help You Feel Amazing for Your First Date

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