4 Brilliant Gemstones for an Engagement Ring

Gemstones have long been added to jewelry items and worn by people since the beginning of time. Gemstones are valued on the basis of their rarity, size, color, and durability. Therefore, the addition of a gem to a piece of jewelry item increases the value of the jewelry item. If presented as a gift, it goes to show your value in the eyes of the one who gifted you with the gem. Thus, when selecting an engagement ring for you going to be bride, make sure you choose wisely. Let’s look at the 4 best gemstones to select for an engagement ring.

1. Diamonds

The word diamond originates from a Greek word meaning conquerable. Diamond is by far the most precious and profoundly coveted gemstone of all. This gem is scratch proof and is the hardest material to be found on this planet. Diamonds are actually not rare, but their glittering beauty is what really grabs people’s attention. Diamonds have long been used to symbolize wealth. There is no doubt that the value of diamonds will never come to an end. Therefore a diamond engagement ring is sure to keep your new bride happy. You can check out Solitaire Jewellery antique design engagement rings.

2. Emerald

Cleopatra was in love with this glittering green gem. This gorgeous gem will remind you of lush greenery. The darker the hue of this gem, the more expensive it is likely to be. The emerald is the cousin of gemstones aquamarine and morganite. It is also worn by celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Baldwin, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, and many more. If you really wish to surprise your beloved with a gem, then this is the one for you; Its dark hue is certain to catch the attention of anyone whose eye will cross its path.

3. Morganite

This beautiful gemstone was first discovered in California and Madagascar during the 20th century. It has been named after the famed gemstone collector J.P Morgan. This gem has a light pink color. It’s on the affordable side, and because of its beauty and rarity, it is a great gem to add to an engagement ring. Moreover, because of its subtle pink color, you can pair it well with white or yellow gold. This gemstone is believed to promote prosperity, clarity, brilliance, and love. If you can’t afford an expensive engagement ring, this is the best option for you.

4. Amethyst

The amethyst is a very popular gemstone. Historically, it was believed by the Greeks and the Romans to shun intoxication. This stone was previously costly until vast reserves of it were found in Brazil. Currently, the world’s best amethysts are found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Siberia. You can purchase the amethyst in the different hues. It comes in like the brilliant purple, ametrine, mossy, and more. You can include this gemstone in the various shapes it comes in on the engagement ring.

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4 Brilliant Gemstones for an Engagement Ring

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