2018 Shoe Trends – The Shoes Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer

Do I love shoes or DO I love shoes!? Of course, I do, who doesn´t? Most women and a lot of men own dozens of pairs. Nothing makes you feel better faster than buying the perfect pair of shoes. This year, there are some really great pairs to choose from.

Interestingly, some of the nicest ones are to be found online at places like JD Williams. They may not be the first retailer that pops into your head when you think about buying shoes, but they actually sell a huge range in sizes 2 to 18 and in five width fittings from slim to ultra-wide.

Silver footwear – The silver footwear trend that started last winter has continued into the warmer months. Most retailers have plenty of glittery sandals in their summer collections. This is good news because silver works with most outfits. It is a color that blends in well with most other colors. Plus, it can look quite dressy yet still work when you want to wear your silver sandals with something casual like a pair of jeans.


Clear sandals – Clear PVC sandals are another versatile option. Again, they go with practically anything. Most designers have added a little decorative detailing to create interest and make them pop a bit. However, should you decide to buy this type of sandal, be sure to check that the back of the decorative elements is not protruding slightly through the PVC material of the shoe. If they do, the chances are they will rub and cause your feet to bleed.

80s style stiletto pumps – There is no better way to show off your legs than a pair of stiletto heels. For 2018, classic courts with stiletto heels are all the rage. Again, they are a versatile style that works well whether you wear them with a dress, jumpsuit or casual trousers. They really are a worthy addition to any woman´s wardrobe.

You can find everything from glittering ruby red Dorothyesk versions to muted pastels. It also appears that the 80s all-white trend is about to make a bit of a comeback. So, a lot of retailers are including white shoes in their collections. If you are tempted to buy a pair but are worried about keeping them clean, this how-to article shows you exactly how to do it.

If you find it hard to wear high-heels, this post I wrote will help. In it, I share the approach I use to make sure that I buy the type that does not make my feet ache.

Totally flat out – For those who still prefer to avoid heels, there are some very nice flat shoes available. Ballerina shoes are always available and are actually quite a good option. This year, they are joined by an interesting range of toe sandals, which come in some interesting forms. They are super comfortable, so are well worth trying on.

Retro sneaks – This year, retro trainers are also featuring prominently. They are extremely comfortable and actually do look really good when paired with the right casual skirt, shorts or jeans.

OK, so those are some of the 2018 shoe trends I think are worthy of note. If you have some suggestions too please leave a comment and let us know. It is always interesting to find out what you think of the latest trends and to learn how you choose to wear them.

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  • Liv
    June 6, 2018

    I love the last 3 ? the pink heels look super comfortable

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