OOTD: Band Tee

March 18, 2017

Lately I’ve been loving the ease, comfort and not-so-dressy not-so-fussiness of t-shirts. Now that I’m not having to go to work five days a week, I’ve realised I don’t possess as many casual tees and dresses as i thought. So I went out and bought me a band tee. It may be a fake band (please object to this if you’ve ever heard of the Starlets. Specifically their debut album Into The Wild), but I loved it so much I went out and got me a few more.

Essentially, they are my new favourite thing. Getting ready these days is a chore on its own… So I want to just throw on a pair of jeans with a tee and go. BUT STILL LOOK COOL. That’s why I especially like the t-shirts with cute details like a lace up corset or a mesh hem. I loved this because it was studded and featured a deep V choker neckline.

This has been my go to and comfort zone look lately. What’s yours?

On a less positive note, this is one of the most uncomfortable skirts I’ve ever owned. it’s made to fit like a straitjacket! You basically can only move your feet a few inches in it. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLEΒ to walk. I mentioned this the first time I wore it but I love its ripped details and white-washed colour so much that I wore it again. Despite the discomfort. Hahahahahah! I need to take a video of me walking in it. It’s very Penguin inspired. Happy Feet style. Bwahahaha. OKAY BYE.

Wearing: New Look Band Tee, Missguided denim skirt, Sock booties, Alisha faux fur coat

My previous look in this epic strait skirt….



  1. I sooooo feel you on the skirt situation lol, yet we continue to wear shit like this lolol
    I’m into your go to look, makes​ me wanna go out and buy some cute graphic tees now 😊

  2. Very beautiful Lydie! And your little bundle of joy is so cute

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