OOTD: Self-Portrait

August 4, 2016

black lace overlay dress maternity aa

The double D’s got an upgrade…

Two weeks ago I think I hit the peak of my lower body swelling. This is the most swollen my feet have been since I got pregnant. And of course I thought it would be a brilliant idea to document and capture this very memorable day by dressing up and posing for the blog. Silly me πŸ™ They even look worse on pictures than I’d imagined, Hahahahaha!

Thankfully, the swelling is disappearing partly because it’s getting cooler and we’re starting to get a bit of rain already. The sun is my worst enemy I tell you.

I’m officially entering the 3rd trimester next week and let me tell you, my body is feeling the rewards.

Already I’ve beenΒ hit with my first bout of real pain. My joints, pelvis, back and entire body really cry every time I get out of bed or out of a chair. I know this is partly my fault because I’ve not indulged in any form of remote exercise for months now. It’s so embarrassing. I tried to do a few squats last week. It was a struggle but it helped.

I was definitely feeling my worse on this day and the only way I felt better was getting out this fab dress which looks like a Self-Portrait design which I got a few weeks back. It’s such a gorgeous sexy dress. Love the frill hem see-through detail. It’s the perfect summer little black dress. It also made me realise that hey, I’ve swelled MASSIVELY in other parts of my body and not just my legs… Ha! #SwellingInTheRightPlaces. That always lifts my spirits πŸ˜‰

I definitely need to update my lingerie collection as I’m officially an E cup. Bye bye double D’s.

My only question of the day is: Do I get to keepΒ my new perky friends? As I’ve heard, they’re very temporary visitors. So I beset enjoy their company whilst they stick around.


OUTFIT: Chloe Jade Green for Topshop print sandals, Jarlo lace frill hem dress.

Cheers for reading! x

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  1. Miranda says:

    congratulations babe. you look yummy!!

  2. you sexy little thang!!
    Sucks about the feet swelling but that gives you more time to enjoy the new boobs and show off your FAB pregnancy body!

  3. jewey says:

    you’re really rocking the whole preggy look! i wish i was as confident as you when i was pregnant. one of the hardest parts for me was finding something nice to wear! lol.

    i never really had big boobs to begin with but they did grow about 2 cup sizes up. i’m still breastfeeding so they’re still there. i, too, am curious if they’d go back to their original size once i’m done breastfeeding.

    because i would definitely miss them. lol.

  4. moonstone34 says:

    Fierce look babe! I’ve been loving your pregnancy style!

    xo, Jackie

  5. tatitauriel says:

    Embrace your gorgeous body, you look great and you are wearing your pregnancy quite well <3


  6. lulinaiem says:

    They look so amazing! Love it ^^ Great review x

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