The Men’s Manual to Buying an Engagement Ring

April 11, 2016

You’ve found the girl who is the “one” and you’ve even asked her father for her hand in marriage. You’ve planned an idyllic proposal but now it’s time to buy the engagement ring. This can be a daunting task since it is, after all, going to be a symbol of your love for her and a token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level. Plus, she’s sure to show it off to her friends and family.

For a lot of men, buying wonderful diamond engagement rings from will be their first experience in the word of jewellery buying. Don’t fear. We’ve put together a manual to help you purchase an engagement ring your girlfriend will fall in love with.

Picking the Engagement Ring Band

There are a range of metals to choose from for the band of the engagement ring. The most common metals are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum. You may even choose to mix two or more metals.

Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while platinum is certainly durable, it dulls quicker than gold and can be harder to bring back its initial lustre.

The Infamous Four C’s

Once you have selected the band, it’s time to focus on the diamond. This can seem overwhelming, so you need to understand the “4 Cs:” colour, cut, carat weight and clarity. These factors will determine the cost and quality of the diamond.

  • Cut – this refers to the proportions and angles of the stone. A well cut stone will reflect light from one facet to another and this gives the diamond its sparkle.
  • Colour – colour of diamonds is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (a light yellow).
  • Clarity – a diamond with very few imperfections are more clear and more expensive. You may come across the word “inclusions” when talking about clarity; this refers to the tiny fractures or other minerals in the diamond.
  • Weight – this is the actual weight of the diamond. The heavier the stone, the more expensive it is going to be.

Diamond Shapes

If your lady hasn’t followed the tradition of a leap year proposal this year, we need to continue discussing what to look for in an engagement ring. The next consideration is the shape of the diamond. Some of the possible shapes include:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Heart

And Then There’s the Setting

The setting of the ring refers to the way the diamond is placed on the ring. The setting you pick is largely going to depend on your beloved’s preferences. You may want to create combinations of different settings, even. Common settings include:

  • Tiffany setting – this a classic and timeless look.
  • Eternity band – this setting has diamonds that go all the way around the ring.
  • Bezel setting – this involves a metal rim encircling the sides of the stone and slightly extending above it. The rim will stretch around the entire circumference of the diamond or even just around a portion of it.
  • Channel setting – with this setting the stones are placed into a metal channel and it is a great way of accenting the main diamond that is typically set in a prong.
  • Pave’ – this is a setting of many diamonds placed together.

That’s it! If you’re ready to go engagement ring shopping, this manual should help you pick the perfect ring.



  1. I won’t be buying one soon, but still liked the education of this post. I now know a little about diamonds too 🙂

  2. AlamodeFran says:

    Just gonna “accidentally”send a link to my boyfriend’s email hahahha, great post hun you nailed everything 🙂 x

  3. G says:

    In Jesus Name my Husband is reading this link. Doesn’t matter how many times one gets married. It’s my show!

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