Family Holidays in Sizzling Cyprus

January 20, 2016
My little sis is in Cyprus and I’ve been thinking of going there for the first time. Been looking up a few hot spots as the best time to properly plan and prepare for a summer getaway is in the winter!
Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination for everything from beach days out to historical and cultural adventures. Below is a list of fun and family-friendly things to do that will ensure your holiday to Cyprus is a memorable one!



While this little island in the Mediterranean has a lot of unusual things to offer, many families go simply for the beaches. One of the most popular beaches on Cyprus is Konnos Bay near Ayia Napa on the south eastern shore. It opens up from a forested hillside and offers great views, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Because it’s a popular spot, there’s also a little hillside café that will keep everyone fed for the day.

Alternatively, visit Lara Bay in the Akamas Peninsula along the western coast of Cyprus. It’s quite remote, so most people arrive via 4X4 or organised tours. However, once you arrive, you will be greeted by a spectacular beach which is home to loggerhead and green turtles during the summer months!



This rustic village on the western coast of Cyprus is small, but kids and parents alike will be entranced by the lovely landscape. It’s a great place to take a closer look at the authentic Cypriot lifestyle. Pomos is a fishing village, so plan to hit the virgin beaches, explore the small town and churches or stop into their Natural History Museum.


Troodos Mountains

Home to Mount Olympus, the Troodos mountain range is the largest in Cyprus. Between the Byzantine painted churches, museums and nature trails you and your family won’t miss the beach at all.


Food is a big part of Greek culture, so don’t miss out on Cypriot specialties like afelia (a local dish made from pork, mushrooms and red wine), tirokafteri (a spicy cheese dip), or sheftalia (a grilled Cyprus sausage). For dessert, try loucoumi, a small, sweet honeyed donut that kids will love. Cypriots love to eat meze, small sharing platters which allow your family to try a variety of dishes.




The entire city of Paphos has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a history stretching back to the Neolithic period. Visitors can explore the Temple of Aphrodite, check out the Egyptian catacombs, or enjoy the House of Dionysius’ stunning mosaics.


Turkish Baths

Omeriye Hamam is a 14th century bath located in the old town of Nicosia. It has been lovingly restored to full operation and is as cool historically as its sauna-like atmosphere is warm.


Another UNESCO World Heritage location, this little settlement offers a fascinating view into the past. It was built between the 4th and 7th millennium B.C. and visitors can see circular stone houses and the bones of an impressive architectural system that has helped shed light on human evolution in the region.


Flights to Cyprus are easy to get your hands on – just take a look at popular travel sites like this one and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Images by senza senso and George M. Groutas used under Creative Commons License.


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