Scavenge for discounted prom dresses

January 7, 2016


The secret to scavenging for discounted prom dresses is to give yourself enough time to be creative. Plain or a little less than perfect dresses can easily be altered or embellished. Here are some tips for finding discounted dresses for your prom.

Check Out the Sales Racks

  • Look for quality fabric and classic shapes. Cheaper dresses don’t have to mean cheaper fabrics. When you shop the sale rack, keep your eyes open for timeless shapes and luxurious fabrics.
  • You can always alter it. Don’t focus a lot on the fit. If you find a great bargain on a dress that’s a little too big or too long, take it to a tailor for adjustments.

prom dress

Look through Someone Else’s Closet

  • Don’t take a dress at face value. Take a look at anything in your sister/mother/cousin/friend’s closet that could be draped, chopped, decorated, or sewn.
  • Get creative. If you’ve found a dress but you feel the color is outdated or perhaps the fabric is looking a little old, remember that boxes of fabric dye can be bought for next to nothing.

Shop during the Off-Season

It can be a lot harder trying to find discounted prom dresses during the spring when stores start stocking up on all the latest styles for the big night. So start thinking ahead. If you think you’ll be going to prom within the next year, start shopping at Peaches Boutique in Chicago for discounted prom dresses.

  • Avoid super trendy gowns – the dress may be discounted due to the style being on its way out and what seems “in” right now may be over next season.
  • Try classic dresses – stick to prom dresses with classic fits and lines that have remained in style for the past couple of years.


Consider Making Your Own Prom Dress

You can sew your way to the ultimate discounted dress. Whether you do the alterations yourself of whip up a forma gown all on your own, it’s all remarkably simple. What’s more, the fabric, embellishments, and fit will all be up to you. Patterns aren’t too expensive, either, and range from $3 to $25 and you can pick up amazing fabrics and great prices. The best part will be being able to say you designed and created the dress all on your own.


  • Keep things simple by selecting a pattern with simple hemlines and minimal seams.
  • Keep in mind that details like trim and ruffles are a lot easier than they seem.
  • Use quality fabric. One of the biggest challenges is working with flimsy materials. Stick with materials like raw silk and taffeta and avoid satin and chiffon at all costs.

Finding beautiful discounted prom dresses isn’t as daunting a task as it sounds. Keep these points in mind and you’ll find your dream dress and half the price in no time at all.


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