ABY Blog Awards 2015

December 30, 2015

aby blog cameroonian awards 2015

This year has been a great year in terms of Cameroonian talent breaking the norm and getting international recognition. I’m not saying it validates them but I’m saying you know you’re doing something right when you transcend into and are accepted by different cultures. There was no official voting system (this year) but I asked a few Cameroonian bloggers and notables I know and they all sent in their top choices!

The categories were:

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist
  • Best Cameroonian blogger
  • Best Cameroonian businessman
  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016
  • Best Cameroonian artist Notable Cameroonian of the year (and why if you have the time!)
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female
  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist
  • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015
  • Best Cameroonian business
  • Best Cameroonian personality on social media
  • Best Cameroonian model

It’s important to get the public support but it’s equally gratifying to know that your peers and people in the business admire your  work. Let’s see what they answered and find out who made the cut! 

Here are my picks:

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Bihyouty. She was one of the first few ti start a consciousness about the art of makeup in Cameroon and for that I am proud.

  • Best Cameroonian blogger – There are so many. I love how dedicated The Hot Jem blog and I Rep Camer are to making Cameroon trend. But I love a talented writer so I’ll go with Find Palaver Woman and Bakwa Magazine.
  • Best Cameroonian businessman – Penjo Baba for Penjo Photography / Videography because he delivers amazing  photos and captures some of the best wedding moments. Plus he is very professional.

  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – Anyi Assonganyi of OZI simply because she’s a moving train. Her resilience is contagious!

  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Kibonen Nfi. Her Humans of New York feature got me so excited beyond words!
  • Best Cameroonian artist – JOVI Le Monstre. His lyrical game is too strong.

  • Notable Cameroonian of the year – Franko for coming up with the most catchy tune (Coller la petite) of 2015 that went viral.
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male – David Nso
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female – Besides me? Come on! lol. Jokes aside. Betty Richoux is my spirit animal.

  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist – Daphne for her consistence and originality.
  • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 – TYLA by Betty Richoux
  • Best Cameroonian business – Ludmilla Institut by Jeanne Ludie. Simply classy.

  • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Ebangha Njang. Our social media posts are supposed to ignite a reaction or influence people to think. And she’s doing just that and using it to make difference.
  • Best Cameroonian model – Geli Forlefac. With that bone structure, Geli was born to model. Read her ABY feature.

My panel:

Mbole Ekaney of Hotjem Blog

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist: Anyi Asonganyi. There is another fabulous Cameroonian MUA whose work I also love but Anyi wins hands down due to her business savviness.To me that’s woman power. 
  • Best Cameroonian blogger- This is a hard one. Art Becomes You due to its picture quality, persistence and passion for fashion and I’ve been secretly following ABY since 2011 before most Cameroonians did!
  • Best Cameroonian businessman – Alhaji Baba Danpulo who was recently declared as Central Africa’s richest man by Forbes Africa.
  • Best Cameroonian businesswomanViola LLewellyn (CEO of Ovamba) as she took the bold step of moving her financial business from the UK to Cameroon and is passionate about supporting African Economies via Ovamba.
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Kibonen Nfi. She is talented designer and has been blessed to get major exposure which I’m sure will allow her to reach the sky!

  • Best Cameroonian artist Charlotte Dipanda for obvious reasons (great musician).
  • Notable Cameroonian of the year – Samuel Eto’o as he recently gave 100 scholarships to Ahmadiyya School girls and is one of the few very successful Cameroonian athletes known to help other causes both in and outside of Cameroon.
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male –Dan Mofor of Don Morphy (a clothing and shoe line)! Have you seen his dressing? OMG to die for!

  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female – Lydie Epangue of ABY blog.
  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist Charlotte Dipanda for obvious reasons. Great musician.
  • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 –Gifted Mom  which uses app technology to provide health solutions which will impact 5 million users across Africa and was endorsed by Queen Elizabeth.
  • Best Cameroonian business –Gifted Mom (www.giftedmom.org) for the same reason why its the best Cameroonian initiative.
  • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Can I nominate myself LOL? If not then I would say Stanley Enow because not only is he an artist but he knows how to use Social Media like most Cameroonian entertainers cant to mingle with his fans and he is known for his great personality and interaction with people on social media (charismatic).
  • Best Cameroonian modelKathy Mingele because not only is she amazing as a model but she makes the best out of her look and and owns it with no apology!

SANDRA FON DUFE – Writer, Actress and Activist

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Anyi Asonganyi
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 –  Imbolo Mbue
  • Best Cameroonian artist – Leo

Bandy kiki of Kinnaka’s blog

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Biyouty

  • Best Cameroonian blogger – Kinnaka’s blog
  • Best Cameroonian businessman – Amah Bertrand
  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – Kibonen Nfi
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Benzil (artist)
  • Best Cameroonian artist – Daphne
  • Notable Cameroonian of the year –  Stanley Enow
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male – Samuel Eto’o

Ebangha Njang & Eva Ndumbe of KREEF ENTERTAINMENT

  • Best Cameroonian makeup artist-  Ozi by Anyi Asonganyi.
  • Best Cameroonian blogger: Cynthia Tabe of Dulce Camer.
  • Best Cameroonian businessman: Churchill Mambe of Njorku.
  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – Céline Fotso of Je Wanda Magazine.
  • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Magasco.
  • Best Cameroonian artist – Franko
  • Notable Cameroonian of the year – Jesse Carlton (Jesse created Smile4Peace for children in Cameroon & gives conferences and stuff around the world) Watch that youtube link below:

  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male –  Numerica
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female – Brenda Chuinkam of canneverbeaskinnybish
  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist-  Stanley Enow 
  • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 – Visiter L’Afrique by Diane Audrey Ngacko.
  • Best Cameroonian business – Circa 237.They organize almost all the elite crowd events; from artists to brunches, to product launches concerning everything. They have sponsors from Heineken to Martini to Moët.
  • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Nathalie Koah
  • Best Cameroonian model – Efatel. She’s a huge Camer model who was awarded Best Model of the year in France and in Cameroon. She was even invited to Talents d’Aftique on Canal + Horizon to talk about her modeling career.

Monique Kwachou of Monique’s Musings

  • Best Cameroonian blogger –  Ngum Ngafor of Africally Speaking
  • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – Viola Llewellyn

  • Best Cameroonian artist – Reniss
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian female – Lydia Epangue and Pam Happi

Pam Happi

  • Most commendable Cameroonian artist –  Charlotte Dipanda
  • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 – Gifted Mom
  • Best Cameroonian business – Ovamba
  • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Miss Cameroon 2015
  • Best Cameroonian model-  Foje Jencey

Muke Alison of Alison’s Let’s Talk Fashion

  • Best Cameroonian Make Up Artist – Anyi Asonganyi
  • Best Cameroonian Blogger/ blog – Lydia Epangue / Art Becomes You

black dahlia black oitfit blogger

  • Best Buisnessman –  Penjo Baba
  • Cameroonian to look out for – Stanley Enow
  • Best Cameroonian Artist 2015 (only) – This is a really hard one because there are so many good artists but I will say Franko because of Coller La petite.
  • Most fashionable Cameroonian male – Eto’o ( course of course he is rich) but normal celeb status I will say Numerica. He always slays.


  • Most Fashionable Cameroonian Female – Actress Syndy Emade. She might not have designers but she puts everything together really well.

  • Notable Cameroonian of the year – Stanley Enow I know people think he is mean and proud etc but he is actually a very humble, kind and professional artist and person. Who is business oriented, driven and ambitious. Through his Stanley Enow Foundation, He also gives back and inspires others. He give gifts to a number of orphanages this Christmas and gave a handicapped lady who sells puff puff a brand new tricycle to help her in transportation. I admire his hardwork. He could also fit into the commendable Cameroonian artist category.
  • Another Commenable Cameroonian Artist is Locko. Don’t know much about him but I just like the guy. Talented, humble and ambition – best Cameroonian Initiative = Mookeh/ Kreef Campaign for MAMA 2015. (Don’t really know of many other initiatives. Most of those I can think of were ideas which were never initiated).
  • Best Cameroonian social media personality (socialite) – Coco Emilie aka Biscuitdemer
  • Best Cameroonian ModelValerie Ayena

    Dzekashu Macviban Editor of Bakwa Magazine

    • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Sandra Ekukole (Bihyouty)
    • Best Cameroonian blogger – Tchassa Kamga
    • Best Cameroonian businessman – Fritz Ekwoge of Fee Perfect Startup
    • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Imbolo Mbue
    • Best Cameroonian artist – Dante Besong
    • Most fashionable Cameroonian female –  Foje Jencey & Kathy Mingele
    • Most commendable Cameroonian artist –  Jovi Le Monstre
    • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Florian Ngimbis 

    Jeanne Ludie owner of LUDMILLA INSTITUT

    • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Bihyouty
    • Best Cameroonian blog– Art Becomes You
    • Best Cameroonian businessman – Owner of Telcar
    • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Nathalie Koah
    • Most commendable artist – Magasco
    • Best dressed Cameroonian female – Kimberly Nstimi

    • Best dressed male – Samuel Eto’o

    Brenda Chuinkam, blogger at Can Never be a Skinny  Bish

    • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Bihyouty
    • Best Cameroonian blogger – Besides me? Simplycyn
    • Best Cameroonian businessman – Foy Norbert
    • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – Ludmilla
    • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Pearl Louma of SPELL couture
    • Best Cameroonian artist- Franko. Lol
    • Notable Cameroonian of the year- Kibonen, I mean, she was on HONY!
    • Most fashionable Cameroonian female- Besides me? Lmao!
    • Best Cameroonian personality on social media –The Hot Jem and I Rep Camer

    Yolanda Scullark, VLOGGER & MUA 

    • Best Makeup artist – Na me nor lol

    • Best Cameroonian blog –  Art Becomes You by Idylle Epangue Warke
    •  Best Cameroonian businessman – Amah Bertrand
    • Best Cameroonian business woman – Cynthia Can
    • Best Cameroonian artist – Jovi Le Monstre
    • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 –  Ebangha Njang . Her Kreef initiative is a great way to discover new talented Cameroonian artists.
    • Best dressed Cameroonian male – Amah Bertrand
    • Best dressed Cameroonian female – Brenda Chuinkam

    • Best Cameroonian artist – Jovi Le Monstre
    • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 – Kreef Ent
    • Best Cameroonian business of 2015 – ModeMaison Pr
    • Best Cameroonian model – Njotu Denzel Hova

    Joan Ngomba, Editor at Pulse Nigeria

    • Best Cameroonian makeup artist –  Anyi Asinganyi
    • Best Cameroonian blog – Kinnaka’s Blog
    • Best businessman of 2015 – Fokou
    • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 – Franko
    • Best Cameroonian artist – Stanley Enow
    • Most fashionable male – Stanley Enow 8. Sama Ndango
    • Most fashionable female – Nathalie Koah

    • Most commendable Cameroonian artist – Charlotte Dipanda
    • Best Cameroonian initiative – Franko
    • Best Cameroonian business of 2015 – Off License
    • Best personality on social media – Stanley Enow
    • Best Cameroonian model – Valerie Ayena

    Cynthia Tabe of Dulce Camer

    • Best Cameroonian makeup artist – Durel John
    • Best Cameroonian blogger – Cynthia of Dulce Camer
    • Best Cameroonian businessman Owner of Tchop et Yamo
    • Best Cameroonian businesswoman – I don’t know any, so myself? 🙂
    • Cameroonian to look out for in 2016 –  CoolKid Berka

    • Best Cameroonian artist – Stanley Enow
    • Notable Cameroonian of the year – Stanley Enow. He has consistently flown the green red yellow flag on the international front with dignity, humility and grace.
    • Best initiative – Alain Nteff is changing lives with his Gifted Mom initiative.
    • Most fashionable Cameroonian male – Numerica
    • Most fashionable Cameroonian female – Olivia Pommier
    • Most commendable Cameroonian artist – Mr Leo
    • Best Cameroonian initiative of 2015 – EasyRide cabs
    • Best Cameroonian business  – Tchop et Yamo
    • Best Cameroonian personality on social media – Stanley Enow et Valerie Ayena
    • Best Cameroonian model  – Marie GraobeValerie Ayena
    Marie Graobe


Whoa! Thanks to everyone who nominated my blog! I can only promise to do better next year. This was such a diverse post and I have learnt about so many new Cameroonian talented people. I hope you loved my unofficial Blog Awards. Maybe next year we can actually nominate and vote for winners! Working on it…

Did your favourites feature on anyone’s list? Who would you have picked? Spill below.

Happy new year all.

Lydie Epangue x



  1. Barbz says:

    Tough competition! But U all rock. Of course ABY is my heartbeat ♥♥ Lol

  2. Awww Lydia, thanks for putting me amongst some of these bad ass panel members and people I actually look up to. I love how diverse our nominations are (great minds). And I have learned so much from every single panel member’s nominations (which I love). Congratulations to all the nominees. Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. Happy New Year everyone. xxx

  3. I love the idea of this post, it was a great read!!

    Adi xx

  4. deefordana says:

    I love this post!! Thank you for sharing these amazing people with us ♥

  5. G says:

    Happy New year.
    this is an encyclopedia of camer movers and shakers. well done.

  6. Lydia this is such an amazing post!! Sorry I’m late but better late than never. Thank you for reaching out to me to be included with all these talented blogging peers! I have also discovered some new faces, names and businesses. Thank you for also mentioning that “The HotJem” tries to make Cameroon trendy because I believe that charity begins at home. It’s amazing to read other people’s responses! Although I listed one name per category there are so many talents and people that could have made the lists in my mind! Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for ABY!! xoxo

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