The perfect bedroom designs for fashion lovers

December 16, 2015


Any fashion lover needs a bedroom that can accommodate their passion for clothes. When you have a serious fashion habit, it needs containing πŸ˜‰ The good news is there are simple ways of achieving this without sacrificing style or comfort.


The perfect bedroom design for a fan of fashion functions on two levels – as a haven to sleep and relax, and as a store-room/playroom to indulge your sartorial side. So how best to balance these two basic needs?

A walk-in closet or wardrobe makes a lot of sense for somebody with a heap of outfits, accessories and fashion ephemera. If dimensions allow, the most popular solution is to annex a part of the master bedroom, transforming it into a closet you can walk into.

Walk in closets come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the space and budget available, you can achieve some exciting results.


Big ambitions

Sumptuous walk in closets with thick carpets, wall to wall mirrors, chandeliers, velvet chaise lounge, dressing table, makeup stations framed with bulbs and more rails than the smartest Madison Avenue store, are perfectly pitched to enhance the whole dressing-up experience. With this approach, you can go a long way on attitude and creativity if budget is tight.


Small but perfectly formed

Alternatively, smaller closets work well, but need precision planning to maximize space.Β Floor to ceiling shelving for shoes, boots, handbags and accessories makes the most of smaller spaces. Double up on rails to increase hanging space and use ladders or footstools to reach high spots. If there’s no natural light, decorate using pale colors to boost brightness. Recessed lighting in the ceiling is efficient and subtle and gives good overall cover.

Fitting adjustable stylish shutters as doors to a walk in closet creates a solid physical division, but gives total flexibility in terms of light and privacy levels. Not only do wooden interior shutters have a warmth and elegance that works well in a bedroom, as the entrance to a walk-in closet they take on an almost French style chic.

best-walk-in-closet-designs bedroom-wall-art concrete-rivet-like-finish-bedroom

Bedroom briefing

We have covered the closet so now let us tackle the bedroom. What accessories and wall art would cut it in a fashionista’s boudoir?

What about framed original sketches of designs by famous dressmakers? A shelf lined up with perfect vintage millinery? Black and white photographs of famous models in iconic designs? A wall devoted to vintage art deco mirrors? A mannequin wearing an exquisite ball gown perhaps? All of these ideas will push the buttons of fashion nuts; just remember to keep it simple and uncluttered where possible.


Look out at garage sales and auctions for a mahogany, tilting full-length mirror, the perfect piece of furniture for this environment as it combines glamor and practicality. A strong wall color such as turquoise in a bedroom makes a calm, feel-good backdrop to monochrome photographs or intricate garments as dΓ©cor. Teamed with cream bed linen and blush pink flooring and furnishings, and you have a contemporary and serene sleep zone.


Successful bedroom design for a fashion lover is all about creating a restful space where sleep comes easily and clothes storage is optimized. To put it another way, when a fashion ‘princess’ is satisfied her precious wardrobe is well tended to she is certain to fall asleep with a smile on her face.

industrial-bedroom-wall-texture upholstered-bedroom-wall-texture


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