Miss West Africa Cameroon: And the winner Is…

October 26, 2015


The Miss West Africa Cameroon beauty pageant contest finals took place last week where the worthy winner was revealed…The official winner of the Miss West Africa Cameroon 2016 is Foje Jencey from Mbengwi. What a natural stunner.

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This girl has got an amazing future in modelling.

First Runner Up Minkata Michelle (right below) from Foumban looked radiantly beautiful.


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Dongmo Danielle from Bafoussam was effortless in her bold low cut. I can olny commend my Cameroonian sisters for keeping it natural and 100% real. True beauty queens.

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The winner was crowned by Florence Epee the Miss West Africa International who was there present and is also a Cameroonian.

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Do you agree with me that it was one hell of a successful beauty competition? With such beautiful young girls empowering others like them to embrace themselves and be confident in who they are. Massive congrats to all the girls and especially the deserving winner.

Congrats and thanks go to Penjo Entertainment for the making it happen.

Miss Foje Jencey will be representing Cameroon in the upcoming Miss West Africa beauty competition. With a stunning representative like this, I can only remain positive and in high spirits.

Long live Cameroon!



  1. Gorgeous girl. Reminds me of me☺Hope you are doing well Lydie.

  2. deboraninja says:

    How gorgeous!! OMG!!! Beautiful smile!!!! <3

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