OOTD: Sunny & Sheer

September 25, 2015


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Chilly enough that you need to cover up but not so chilly that you can’t wear sheer clothes…

This is the perfect weather for knee high boots and short dresses or cami dresses, duster coats and cool ankle booties and I’m loving it. If only Autumn stayed this way throughout. When layering can STILL be fun.

One thing I learnt wearing sheer trousers for the first time: Always check the underpants!

These jumpsuit was sold as part of the premium range at H&M. It looked so good in store that I had to have it. It comes equipped with black under short/pants. Absolutely love the front wrap detail. I had to use a pin to close the deep v neck though. It is a full deep v neck and I had so much much on display it might as well been the window to my soul. I had to pin that V neck up!

I mean it was premium and all but I didn’t expect H&M to deliver such a top quality garment. The lace feels lush. I’ll definitely be wearing this a good few more times. I was feeling myself so much that day and took so many selfies that we almost lost our location. Hahaha! Security lady stepped out and was like, that’s enough! You can’t be taking no more photos here. We had to calm her down and read her our rights because my beloved blog was at stake and I wasn’t having it : /

I was so skipping around so much (as always) the shorts went off in their own direction. I only noticed when I looked back at these pictures…

OUTFIT: H&M lace sheer  jumpsuit, Coast clutch

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  1. Damilola says:

    The jumpsuit sure looks great on you.

  2. you look absolutely amazing! love the jumpsuit, sexy but covered at the same time!


  3. You are working that jumpsuit! My gosh!!! The word hot is an understatement. Ha! Have a great weekend hon! xoxo
    A| https://norulejuststyle.wordpress.com/

  4. That jumpsuit is AMAZING!!! So so pretty!!! They had this pale dark blue one about a month or so back that I wanted to get my hands on but if I find this one in the store I’ll be (read: my pockets will be) seriously conflicted. It’s truly truly gorgeous though.


  5. amoafoa says:

    the lace on that jumpsuit is beautiful. I find it really difficult to find lace that doesn’t look tacky, but this is so classy.

  6. moonstone34 says:

    🔥🔥 You are working that jumpsuit like nobody business! So fierce! So perfect! 😍😍

    xo, Jackie

  7. Nicole says:

    Love this outfit!! x

  8. LOL @ the security lady!
    Titties on fleeeeekkkk!!!

  9. you look absolutely stunning in that jumpsuit.

  10. Werk it! Girl, you are totally wearing that jumpsuit!

  11. alinapop07 says:

    You look absolutely stunning! I just followed your blog, can’t wait to see more of your posts 🙂

  12. Great photos! You look stunning 😀

  13. OMG! Thsi is a gorgeous look! Have a fun Sunday!

    xo, Bry


  14. officialfantasy says:

    H&m did a good one with this!!! It looks so good on you and your hair is amazing!!

  15. fergzillas says:

    this is a lovely outfit, covered up but still showing enough.. and dang i wish my boobs would grow haha!
    i follow back all bloggers who follow me too

  16. Nelo says:

    Wow! I love that Jumpsuit and you my lady are wearing the hell out of it! You look great shorts askew or not.

  17. You look drop-dead-gorg! I am so tickled by the name of this post too!! LOL

  18. This is super gorgeous Lydie. You look so stunning. The premium collection in H and M is fly.
    You look well love.

  19. Gorgeous! Love your hair, so pretty! <3

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