OOTD: Laser Cut

August 21, 2015

laser cut white dress slip

I went to a vintage fair two weeks ago and this bag was the only thing I got. The fur feels super soft and this mini bag reminded me so much of the Philip Lim Beige Ryder Antelope bagΒ πŸ™‚

What are you doing this weekend? I will be rewarding myself with a fat plate of pasta. A friend told me about his 67-day carb-free diet and how when you hit the 67th day you feel so good and free that you won’t even be missing carbs in your meals. As you all know, carbs are my life (can you tell?) and I had a million and one questions…

But what will I have with my eggs and bacon? And every time, he had an answer. Broccoli.

But I also love a wrap sandwich… Lettuce is good substitute.

How am I ever going to enjoy a good beef/pork stir fry without rice?Β Mashed boiled carrots will do!

Is couscous a carb…? Yes.

Dear Lord. How did you manage to makeΒ all of my favourite things fall under the carbs? Tell me, how did that happen? Like couldn’t you just make ice-cream a veg or something?

So I hopped on this carb-free train and lasted for all of one day. I had a soup with large carrot chunks and chopped potatoes. Carbs I know. But they were so tiny and I barely chewed on them…

Needless to say I didn’t last. Not only does, picking up a slice of toast come naturally to me but my hubby is on a high-calorie protein diet which totally conflicts my goals! Lol. Like he chumps down everything and I can’t help but be supportive… πŸ˜‰ Hahaha.

Are you good at dieting? How do you do it?

PS: Not complaining about my weight. I justΒ love to try out different lifestyles. I try to hit the gym at least twice-thrice a week. (Must get Claire Sulmers’ toned legs!).

PSS: I added some bronze highlights to my hair, can you dig it??!


OUTFIT: H&M dress, Vintage purse, Office nude sandals.

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  1. G says:

    Bronze highlight suits you. love the hairstyle.
    Lovely ensemble

  2. I totally LOOOOVE your dress… But then again I love everything you wear so today I’m in love with your hair and the style!!! *hearts*

  3. Love the hair, and I want those shoes! LOL. I had to cut back on carbs for health reasons. It was difficult at first, but after weeks ( and I mean WEEKS) of removing bread, rice, etc. from my daily meals, I didn’t miss it as much. Make no mistake, I still have the urges. But now I keep certain snacks near by (ex: almonds, fruits).
    Abrielle| https://norulejuststyle.wordpress.com/

  4. Ihe Nwk says:

    Love this look! You look amazing! πŸ™‚

  5. worxs4kelly says:

    Hi !!!!! *Looking good from your head down to your…..toes!!!!!! Kelly

  6. deefordana says:

    So hot and gorgeous! I’m in love with this bag β™₯

  7. phaderewaw says:

    Wow very rad…i like dieting but sometimes the diet is just not interesting and i stop. Now i just try for whole grains fruits (lots of berries)and veggies (1/2 leafy greens) nuts poultry fish…beans every other day. Pretty fun…like the highlights

  8. phaderewaw says:

    And dark chocolate as a treat πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!

  9. That bag is gorgeous! And that sexy slit on the back of the dress killed me!! The highlights suit you!! And I like where you placed them so that they frame your face nicely. Another great look!!


  10. Dana Fashina says:

    DEFINITELY digging the highlights but I’m the LAST person to comment on dieting.
    I just can’t do it and my sticktoitness SUUUUUUUCKS

  11. Really don’t know how not to eat carbs but in moderation. A little is okay Lydie☺
    You look well in that dress.
    Take care.

  12. Kartia says:

    so proud of you girl

  13. Cheryl says:

    mehnn i need this hair secret ! love the dress and ooo that purse tho love!


  14. Garrison says:

    What a cute look! Love how you spiced it up with the colorful combination


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