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I have finally found the perfect balance between blogging (after hours) and working. And I’m loving it. That feeling of content when you have everything under control is immensely therapeutic…let’s hope it lasts!

On to this look of the day. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look good in red. It’s such a non-discriminatory colour. It flatters everyone across all races. Hence, a red on red pairing for me was safe bet and a guaranteed win.

It’s funny how when you’re shooting outfits, people passing by think you’re a celeb who’s shooting their album cover or something. One guy was like,‘Where have I seen you before?’ And I said, ‘Boo, do you read ABY blog? Coz that’s the only place I’ve been.’

I also noticed a two girls trying to take discreet snaps of me. And I started crying real hard with laughter because no one in their circle is going to make me out. Like, honey the only editorial I’ve done was photographed by my husband and spread on my blog for free. Put that phone down. LMAO.

Solange Knowles was my #inspo for this look. She does solid colours in suits like no one else. So essentially me and Solo are #twinning right now. Mac’s Ruby Woo lipstick made me feel like a complete minx 😉

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

#BYEFelicias 🙂

OUTFIT: Red blazer, red high waist trousers, Coast clutch, Rare bustier , Hair by Dyhair777

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