ABY Lust Item Of The Day: Jewellery By Jora Multicolour Statement Thread Necklace

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Another day, another lustworthy item!

Today’s lust item is this gorgeous multicolour thread wrap statement necklace by Nottingham designer, Jewellery by Jora.

This necklace is one of my definite favourites. It’s very tribal, colourful and unique. I’d definitely snag one.

Would you?


ABY Lust Item Of The Day: Jewellery By Jora Multicolour Statement Thread Necklace

If you want to purchase, please visit Jewellery By Jora’s Etsy store. It’s currently retailing at £35.50.

See how Cynthia from Addicted To Etsy rocked something similar.

I also have a very similar piece which I rocked with a denim romper whilst on holiday. Vacay pictures to follow soonest 😉

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I do love a tribal piece. 

Do you?

How would you wear this?

Stay tuned. Sound off below!!

Love & Light

Lydie xx

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  • Scott Mitchell
    May 30, 2014

    Hmm, so “tribal piece” is the term. I like the ones you have here and that style in general. It has a simple, yet elegant appearance that pops.
    Even for men’s items I often found bracelets and necklaces in the coast of Colombia in many options of leather, colorful thread, and even wood so I always returned with some. My name for the men’s stuff was surfer jewelry lol 🙂

    • MsAidyl
      May 30, 2014

      Thanks for enlightening me Scott! Surfer jewellery. I was not too sure about wat this specific jewellery was called. the colours are just very tribal and a lot of them are African made hence my the tribal reference 🙂

      • Scott Mitchell
        May 30, 2014

        well I just call the male items surfer jewelry. I don’t even know why lol

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